V 18 N 2 1998

Volume 18 Issue 2
Fall 1998

Volume 18 Issue 2
Fall 1998




Night Shift (Story) by Robin Beeman


Sparklers (Story) by Robin Beeman


Robin Beeman: An E-Mail Interview by Nikki Barranger


Mining Alabaster (Poem) by Joy Passanante


Power and Powerlessness: Names in the Fiction of Sandra Cisneros

(Essay) by Rose Marie Cutting


Sometimes It Doesn't Matter What You Think

(Poem) by David Brendan Hopes


White Sugar and Red Clay (Story) by Bev Marshall


What Do Negroes Want (Speech) by Sister M. Thea Bowman, F.S.PA


Crossing Phillips' Pond (Poem) by Brad Bostian


Midway Through a Now Familiar Passage (Poem) by E.A.Hilbert


Eschaton (Poem) by Jim Kacian


Black Haiku Pioneer, Lenard D. Moore

(Essay) by Francis W. Alexander


My Brother, My Son (Fiction) by James Cherry


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Volume 18 Issue 1
Spring 1998

Volume 18 Issue 1
Spring 1998


New Orleans 1878 (Fiction) by Fatima Shaik

Fatima Shaik: An Interview by Diane Simmons

Prospecting (Poem) by Frederick Davis

Two Women (Poem) by Elizabeth Wilcox

Women's Bodies: Brief History (Poem)by Shannon Marquez McGuire

Feed My Sparrows (Fiction) by Elizabeth Howard

The Scent of Oysters (Poem) by Stella Nesanovich

Called to the Beautiful: The Incamational Art of Flannery O'Connor's

The Violent Bear It Away (Essay) by Christina Bieber

Head Count (Poem) by Jon Enfield

Zone 9: Winter Variations (Fiction) by Ruth Moon Kempher

Hurricane Without a Name (Poem) by Valentine Pierce

How Brother Rabbit Saddled the Hyena (Folk Tale with Essay) transcribed and translated by George Reinecke

Daytracking (Poem) by Robert Waters Grey

The Most Elaborate Display (Fiction) by Matt Clark

After Fishing (Poem) by Mary Crow

She Looks So Natural (Fiction) by Darlene Olivo

Love Weft on the Warp of Death: Louis Cartwright's Saint Louis

(Book Review) by John Gery

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