V 16 N 2 1996

Volume 16 Issue 2
Fall 1996

Volume 16 Issue 2
Fall 1996



The Grandmother Who Lived With Us (Poem) by Kathleen M. McCann


Shotgun Nocturne for Those Who Left (Poem) by James Nolan


Crab Bait (Fiction) by Corabel Shofner


Only Necessary Baggage: Maya Angelou's Life Journeys (Essay)by Clara Juncker and Edward Sanford


Eclogue IV (Poem) by Jose Antonio Mazzotti,

translated by G.J. Racz


You Better Believe We Some Beautiful People (Poem) by Kalamu Ya Salaam


Hector's Hammock (Fiction) by Yale C. Carnevale


The Cross (Poem) by Ken Waldman


Son (Poem) by DC Berry


Hands (Poem) by Charles B. Mann


Inscape by (Poem) Jean-Marc Sens


Observations from the Edge: A View from the Lower 9 and Lessons from Betsy

(Essays) by Elaine K. Green


Train Man (Fiction) by Charles A. Gramlich


A Wilderness (Poem) by Kim Bridgford


Dappled Things (Fiction) by Anne Hillsman Wood and Brian Keesling


Lenard D. Moore 's Desert Storm: A Brief History (Review Essay) by Louis McKee


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V 16 N 1 1996

Volume 16 Issue 1
Spring 1996

Volume 16 Issue 1
Spring 1996



An Interview with Robert Olen Butler by Judith Haydel

Returning the Medal (Poem) by Skip Eisiminger


Narrative Space in Ann Petry's Country Place (Essay) by Hilary Holladay


The Sword Cherry (Poem) by Fileman Waitts


The Contours of African-American Philosophy (Essay) by Jay A.Ciaffa


Blood Knowledge (Poem) by Fernand Roqueplan


Wusman's Soul (Story) by Jeffrey Drazin


Pigeons (Poem) by John Cantey Knight


The Revelation (Story) by Cristina Peri Rossi

Translated by Birgitta Vance


November l st (Poem) by Richard Luftig


Calves in Training (Poem) by Mark Phillips


On the Plains of Volcan (Story) by John R. Hart


The Fine Art of Haunting (Poem) by E.M. Schorb


A Slice of Homemade Bread (Story) by Mary Maxine Conant


She Knows Who She Is (Poem) by Emily Shelton


Ellen Gilchrist's False Eden : The New Orleans Stories of In the Land of Dreamy Dreams (Essay) by Margaret Bauer


Fonville Winnans' Louisiana (Review) by Jackson Hill


The Other Side of Sleep by Maxine Cassin (Review)


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