V 1 N 2 Fall 1995

Volume 15 Issue 2
Fall 1995

Volume 15 Issue 2
Fall 1995


from Desire (novel in progress) by Chris Wiltz

A Conversation with Chris Wiltz by Theresa James


Signs from God (Poem) by Kimberly Townsend Palmer


Homage to Max Ernst (Poem) by Richard Lyons


Christianity in the Fiction of Ella D'Arcy (Essay) by Benjamin F. Fisher


Hosanna (Poem) by Tharin Williamson


Luna (Fiction) by Hector Manjarrez, translated by Antonio C. Marquez


A Photographer Takes a Trip to Nicaragua (Poem) by Erskine Peters


Gone (Poem) by Courtney Moore


Rhetoric of Irony and Prejudice in Flannery O'Connor's "A Good

Man Is Hard to Find" (Essay) by Mabel Khawaja


The Waitress (Poem) by Gordon T. Osing


A Blind Man Peels an Orange (Poem) by Elizabeth Scism


Loop (Poem) by Gary Duehr


New Orleans (Poem) by Kerry Poree


Book Review


Book Notes

V 15 N 1 1995

Volume 15 Issue 1

Volume 15 Issue 1



A Conversation with Clyde Edgerton About Reading, Writing, and Being "Southern" by Christopher D. Campbell


The Bet (Fiction) by Randall Ivey


Black and White (Poem) by Lenard D. Moore and Jane Reichhold


A Call to Preach: The Spiritual Autobiography of Jarena Lee, African American Evangelist (Essay) by Elvin Holt


The Faithful Men (Poem) by J. X. McCarthy


The Old Boy Who Walked the Road Away (Poem) by Robert Parham


This Street Owes Me Something (Poem) by Kirk Anderson


Old Man Looking at a Highway (Poem) by Steve Yates


Out of Egypt (Fiction) by Rita Pourteau


Sound Is a Circle (Poem) by Millicent C. Borges


Horse Breath Winter (Poem) by Vivian Shipley


Streetcar (Poem) by William S. Maddox


New Orleans Sketches: In Search of A. P. Bedou (Fiction) by John Goldfine


Starving Godward (Poem) by Richard Alan Bunch


The Church of Cyril and Methodius in Burgas (Poem)

by Irina Ratmirova and translated from the Russian by Dean Furbish