V 14 N 2 Fall 1994

Volume 14 Issue 2
Fall 1994

Volume 14 Issue 2
Fall 1994




Retracing My Steps (Fiction) by David Madden


The Other Mississippi (Speech) by David G. Sansing


One Tanka and Four Haiku (Poems) by Lenard D. Moore


White Crow: A Story of 1835 by Rhonda Strickland


The "Fairy Web" and the Raft: Domesticity and Nature in "A New England Nun"

and Huckleberry Finn (Essay) by James D. Wilson


Scissor-Lightning (Poem) by Kim Bridgford


Somniloquy (Poem) by Lois Marie Harrod


Modern Love, The Nightingales Are Dead (Poems) by J. R. LeMaster


The Pigeons (Story) by Jose Sequeira


Patna Yo No Te Olvido (Poem) by Marco Tulio Del Arca Saravia

Translated by Carroll E. Mace


Perennial Crossing (Poem) by Margaret Whiteneck


Laughing Ladies (Poem) by Lynn Hoggard


The Crop Duster (Fictional Sketch) by Donice Alverson


St. Louis Black (Poem) by Corey Stayton


Lee Meitzen Grue's Goodbye, Silver, Silver Cloud:


New Orleans Stories (Review) by Robert E. Skinner


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V 14 N 1 Spring 1994

Volume 14 Issue 1
Spring 1994

Volume 14 Issue 1
Spring 1994




Chester Himes-The Ethics of Ambiguity: An Interview with Dr. Joseph Sandy


Himes, Jr., by Gwendolyn Lewis Roget


From Friction (Novel-in-Progress) by Oliver Glass


A Sister Writes from the Missions, 1888; Red Cloud's Confession; and Names and


Numbers (Poems) by Leo Marcello


Which Side Are You on?: Betrayal, Loyalty, and Graham Greene (Essay) by Peter McHugh


Hunter (Poem) by James Sallis


Dormant; Conspiracy, the Crest (Poems) by B. A. Cantwell


Rage,Torment and Peace (Poem) by Rene F. Cardenas


A Portfolio (Photographs) by David Spielman


The Path of Water (Poem) by Tony D'Arpino


Perspectives (Poem) by Ruth Daigon


The Music of Asian Carolina (Poem) by David Shevin


The Threat of Bremen (Poem) by Stella Nesanovich


Things That Are Real (Story) by Neil Fears


Detour (Poem) by Jean-Marc Sens


Black Wool, Red Satin Lining (Poem) by James H. Clinton


heroes don't come easily (Fictional Sketch) by Demetrios Hondroulis


Sleeper's Lullaby (Prose Poem) by Valeka Eskinde


The Fire That Night (Prose Poem) by Christopher Woods


The Service (Poem) by William Virgil Davis


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