V 13 N 2 1993

Volume 13 Issue 2
Fall 1993

Volume 13 Issue 2
Fall 1993




A Conversation on Artist John McCrady by Matthew A. Martinez


A McCrady Portfolio


Ritmos Negros del Peru (Poem) by Nicomedes Santa Cruz Translated by Keith Cartwright


Hands and Fingers: Revisiting Booker T. Washington in Lerone Bennett's "The Convert" (Essay) by Myles Raymond Hurd


My Brother, James (Fictional Sketch) by Delfeayo Marsalis


The Ice Age in Dixie (Poem) by Erroll Miller


Carson McCullers's Allegory of Love (Essay) by Robert M. Slabey


Losing Memory, The Faculty Club: A Table of Truth, Mississippi : Bell Zone 1, Walls (Four Poems) by Jerry W. Ward, Jr


Vicente Huidobro, Marian Poet (Essay) by Oscar Hahn translated by James Hoggard


Washing Clothes, Putting William to Sleep (Two Poems) by Darrell Bourque


The City of Richmond (Prose Poem) by Robert Nagler


Effecting Change (Story) by Mark Whitaker


This April, Musky Nights After Rain Rose, With You, Hair Wreathes (Four Poems) by Lyn Lifshin


From "That Scandalous Lady from St. Louis " (Screenplay based on the Life of Kate Chopin) by Linda Goldberg


Where Books Come In (Poem) by Bruce Robinson


Trophy (Poem) by Mary Winters


A Common Name (Poem) by John Ruff


Martha McFerreri s Women in Cars (Review) by Patrice Melnick


Christine Wiltz's Glass House (Review) by Robert E. Skinner


Fredrick Barton's With Extreme Prejudice (Review) by Thomas Bonner, Jr


V 13 N 1 1993

Volume 13 Issue 1

Volume 13 Issue1



The Amateur Virgin (One-Act Play) by Rane Arroyo


Awa Speaks (Poem) by Patrice Melnick


A Definition of Things (Poem) by Michael L. Jackson


The Worker (Poem) by Wonga Matanda


From Sketchbooks, 1986-1992 (Art) by John Scott


"An Uncertaine and Dangerous Kind of People": Role Conflict in the Eighteenth-Century West Indies (Essay) by Thomas W. Krise .


Blanco Descanso and Amor y Algo Mds (Poems) by Marco Tulio del Arca Saravia Translated by Carroll E. Mace


Man's Work (Story) by Page Hodgen


New House on the Market and Skin (Poems) by William Greenway


Texas (Story) by Laura Slapikoff


Visiones de San Narciso (Poem) by Oscar Hahn Translated by James Hoggard

Dark Turns (Poem) by Stella Nesanovich Clean Towels (Story) by Diane M. Moore


A Branch Is Home Plate (Poem) by Mark Taksa


Ball (Poem) by DC Berry


Paule Marshall 's Women Warriors (Review Essay) by Jacqueline Brice-Finch