V 10 N 1 and 2

Volume 10 Issues 1 and 2


Volume 10 Issues 1 and 2



The Unknown Rodolphe Desdunes: Writings in the New Orleans Crusader (Article) by Lester Sullivan

Santa Rosa de Lima (Poem) by Keith Cartwright


Dogwood Festival (Poem) by Eugene Hollahan


Baccalaureate Sermon by Cyprian Davis, O.S.B


When I Knew You Were Leaving in July (Poem) by Houston Baker


A Blessing of Horses (Poem) by Houston Baker


The Hope That You Will Not Die (Poem) by Houston Baker


Me And William Carlos (Poem) by Houston Baker


Among the Gullahs
The Marsh Girl (Story) by Jim Addison

Man in the Moon (Story) by Jim Addison


Summer Idyll (Poem) by Edward Byrne


The Elegant Invention (Poem) by William Page


Heat (Poem) by Fatima Shaik


The Velvet Rope (Poem) by James Gleason Bishop


In the Old Field (Poem) by Trent Busch


The Statue of the Angel (Story) by Norberto Luis Romero Translated by H. E. Francis


The Creative Dance (Poem) by Stella Nesanovich


the collection (Poem) by James Ryer


Ducktown , Tennessee (Poem) by Barry Ivker


Listening (Essay) by Charles A. Gramlich


The Peasant Band (Poem) by Veronica Volkow Translated by Iona Whishaw


Landscape (Poem) by Veronica Volkow Translated by Iona Whishaw


From Mt. Pelee (A Historical Novel-in-Progress) by David Taylor


Unheard Melodies (Poem) by Hannah Goolsby


Nobody's Tom (Poem) by Gilbert Allen