V 7 N 2 1987

Volume 7 Issue 2



Alvin Aubert: Literature, History, Ethnicity (Interview) by Jerry W. Ward, Jr

The Attic (Short Story) by Alvin Aubert


Ruth McEnery Stuart: A Reassessment (Essay) by Dorothy H. Brown


To Write Realistically: An Interview with Elmore Leonard by Robert E.Skinner


Passing at Le Havre (Short Story) by Patricia Friedmann


Searching for the Source: A Review Essay on Seven Volumes of Contemporary Poetry by Michele Frucht Levy


Contributors' Notes

Volume 7 Issue 1



When a Pariah Becomes a Celebrity: An Interview with James Baldwin by Clayton G. Holloway

Emerson and Hooker: From the Footstool of God (Essay) by Albert W. Fields

Recent Work in Southern Religious History: A Review Essay by Andrew Michael Manis


Variations at Pass Christian (Poem) by Catherine Savage Brosman


Druidic (Poem) by James Doyle


The Boy (Story) by Mary Queen Donnelly


Crumbcakes (Poem) by Janet McCann


lawns (Poem) by William J. Austin


Night (Poem) translation by James F. Maybury


from Odd Fellows Rest (Play) by Jan Villarrubia


The General's Mistakes (Poem) by Marnie Mahoney


129 (Poem) by Simon Perchik


Barking Dogs, They Say, Never Bite (Poem) by Robert Cooperman


Fruit (Fictional Sketch) by Shelby Camese, Jr


Kate Chopin: Her Actual Birthdate (Note) by Jean Bardot


Reviews by J.R. LeMaster and Linda Hobson