Volume 6 Issue 2


A Special issue containing a two act play based on the life of Saint Catherine of Sienna
by Retta Taney

Volume 6 Issue1




Tom Dent Talking (Interview) by Jerry W. Ward, Jr

Visitor (Poem) by J. B. Goodenough


Waves (Poem) by William Page


Ironworks (Poem) by Mark Henke


The Tunnel Through the Earth (Poem) by Gary Finke


Those Who Have Long Lain Fallow (Poem) by Loy Banks


The Tradition of Men (from Novel-in-Progress) by Carl Bean


Images from Honduras (Photographic Essay) by Cliff Roland


I Wish I Could Tell You a Flower (Poem) by William D. Lindsey


Honeoye Lake (Poem) by Sister Mary Lucina


Helladic Rite: A Memory (Poem) by James Hoggard


Far Distant Whales (Fiction by Flavio Cardozo) translated by Alexis Levitin


Silent Clam (Poem) by Tony Mercer


Lead People (Poem) by Michael Cadnum


Brief Encounter (Poem) by Diane Webster


Kate Chopin and the Lore of Cane River 's Creoles of Color (Essay) by Marcia Gaudet


Winter at the Intersection (Poem) by Chris Willerton


Summer on the Ave. (Poem) by Antoinette Scherrie Thaxton


A Night in North Carolina (Poem) by Lenard D. Moore


Coming to the Village (Fiction) by Christopher Woods


Taken for Granted (Prose) by Charles E. Gould, Jr


Review by Kirby Olson


Note on Contributors