V 4 N 1 and 2 1984

Volume 4 Issues 1 and 2

Volume 4 Issues 1and 2



Interview with Walker Percy by Linda Whitney Hobson

Skyline (Poem) by Edward Mycue


Guests (Poem) by Bink Noll 20 The New Orleans Brass Band in the Twentieth Century (Essay) by Michael White


Plainsong, Autumn (Poem) by Peter Cooley


As the Small Come To (Poem) by Peter Cooley


Interview with Peter Cooley by Caroline K. Barnard Hall

"Right There Where the Old Trolley Track Ended"

(Poem) by Glenn R. Swetman


Three Signs (Poem) by Sister Jean Martinez


A Good Job (Fiction) by Lucille Bellucci


The Remains of the Dead King (Poem) by Gail White


Graham Greene and the Revolution Within (Essay) by John Desmond


Perfect Silence (Poem) by Hugh C. Abernethy, Jr


Profligate (Poem) by William Page


I Drink Alone with the Moon (Poem) by James F. Maybury


Abortion and the Missing Moral Center : Two Case Histories from the Post-Modern Novel (Essay) by William Bedford Clark


Reviews by David Lanoue and Gordon Osing