Volume 3 Issue 2
Fall 1983


Conversations with Robert Frost (Essay) by Baird Whitlock

The Man Who Died by Lightning (Poem) by Joseph Harris


Flaws (Poem) by Malcolm Glass


St. Lawrence Skiff (Poem) by B. Z. Niditch


Whale Watching (Poem) by B. Z. Niditch


Tennessee Williams: An Appreciation (Eulogy) by W. Kenneth Holditch


The Linens (Poem) by Bink Noll


The Grey Men Under the House (Poem) by Gordon Osing


Eighth Grade Review (Poem) by Anthony Mercer


The Great Southern Roach War (Story) by Lee Meitzen Grue


The Startle Effect (Poem) by Enid S. Shomer


No Answer in Pledges (Poem) by Roger Wayne-Wright


From Pontchartrain to Yoknapatawpha: Faulkner's


Mosquitoes (Essay) by Philip Castille


Gargoyles (Poem) by Christopher Woods


To the Little Lamb in a Holy Chair (Poem) by Joseph Singleton


A Sacrifice for Illinois (Poem) by Cleveland Latham


The Bad Story by Betsy Martinez


Joseph Coleman: A Memory (Sketch) by Michon Irons


Reviews by Kenneth J. Brown, Caroline K. Barnard-Hall,


David G. Lanoue and Marcia Gaudet


Volume 3 Issue 1
Spring 1983



Interview with Ernest Gaines Jeanie Blake

Commemoration (Translation) James Hoggard


Concert in the Park of Culture (Poem) Edward Falco

"This War is No Pleasure for Me" (Poem) Nicholas Rinaldi

Please (Prose Poem) Tom Whalen


The Owl (Fiction) Andre LeBlanc and Michael Russo

in memory of a convict (Poem) R. Wayne Hardy


The Last Night of the Vigil (Poem) William Vergil Davis


Yucatan (Poem) John Ditsky


Untitled Poem Herb Fackler


Winter Light (Poem) Sister Mary Lucina


Renovation (Poem) Gary Finke

"The Dreadful Martyrdom" St. Lydwine of

Schiedam and Auden's "Musee des


Beau Arts" (Article) Nathan Cervo


Evasive Maneuvers (Poem) Thomas Lisk


Home (Poem) Cleveland Latham


Cousin Snook (Poem) Joseph Singleton


After the Rain (Poem) Rick Lott


Quilting (Poem) Sue Walker


The Theological Significance (Poem) Martha McFerren

On Seeing the First Housefly (Poem) Richard R. O'Keefe Review of The Collected Poems of Sterling Brown Gayl Jones