V 1 N 1 and 2

Volume 1
Issues 1 and 2
1980 - 1981

Volume 1 Issues 1 and 2
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Volume 1 Issues 1 and 2
1980 - 1981




Summer, 1947 by Mark Goldman


Growing Old Together by Janice V. Dabney


Barrow Street and 17 by Alice M. Claudel


Clearsightedness by Andrew Salkey


Lumoshie by Joseph Bruchac


Thinking of El Salvador in March in the Adirondacks by Joseph Bruchac


Todo El Mundo by Joel Dailey


Mannequin by Todd Rolf Zeiss


Eohippus by Bernard Meredith


Where A'nt Matt Lived in 1921 by Richard Haley


Keeping Time by Neil Shepard


Billie by Al Young


Danny Barker/Danny Banjo by Kalamu ya Salaam


Nina by John Sherman


Portrait of Lois by John Sherman


A Poem About Madrid Before I Even Went by John Sherman


One Hour by Charles Fort


The Worker (We Own Two Houses) by Charles Fort


Thunder for the Lady's Sake by Charles Fort


Visions at Norwich by Elton Glaser


How Stories Begin by James Breeden

Ice and Passion by Terri C. Miller



Los Negritos (The Little Black Messengers): A Maya Christmas Comedy by Carroll Edward Mace


The Mexican Jesuit Expulsos of 1767: Theological and Philosophical Writings by Alfred E. Lemmon


Barthelme's "The Piano Player": Surreal and Mock Tragic by William B. Warde, Jr


T.S. Eliot's 'Journey of the Magi': Confrontation with Christianity by Michael P. Dean


Martin Luther King as a Folk Hero by Patricia K. Rickels


William Faulkner and New Orleans : A Restrospective by Thomas Bonner, Jr


The German Theater in New Orleans During the Nineteenth Century by Cornelia Scheider Shiber