Out of Print

A small press often does not have the resources to republish what has sold out. Founding editor Thomas Bonner, Jr. was asked about the books that are no longer accessible for purchase.

“Near the beginning we described the books as part of an ‘occasional series’ and then that [designation] was dropped. Earlier, as XR volumes, we had published three books: a critical study regarding African American literature, a play by Retta Taney, and historical fiction about Jordan Noble, an African American drummer boy at the Battle of New Orleans.

“Bard South was the first book published by XRP.”

Below is a list of what is no longer available. The books mentioned above may be found listed in the Xavier Review section, and are available for purchase.

All books published by Xavier Review Press are available for perusal through the Xavier University Library Resource Center Archives.


Bard South: Teaching Writing at Historically Black Colleges and Universities
By David Lanoue; edited by Vivian Wilson 

Saint-Louis: A Wool Strip-Cloth for Sekou Dabo 
By Keith Cartwright  

Above Ground: Stories about Life and Death by New Southern Writers
Edited by Thomas Bonner, Jr. and Robert Skinner 

Blackrobe's Love Letters: Poems
By Leo Luke Marcello 

I am New Orleans: And Other Poems by Marcus Christian
Edited by Amin Sharif and Rudolph Lewis 

Three Poets in New Orleans
By Lee Meitzen Grue, Patricia Warren, and Biljana Obradovic; introduction by Thomas Bonner, Jr.