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Percival Everett: Writing Other/Wise
Edited by Keith B. Mitchell and Robin G. Vander.


Percival Everett:  Writing Other/Wise (2014) presents eight original critical essays analyzing the fiction and poetry of contemporary American writer, Percival Everett and includes a special section highlighting Everett’s visual art. 

Drs. Keith B. Mitchell (Associate Professor of English, University of Massachusetts-Lowell) and Robin G. Vander (Associate Professor, English & African American and Diaspora Studies, Xavier University of Louisiana) co-edited the scholarly collection.

The Xavier Review Press collection is the second comprehensive volume of essays to be published on Everett in the United States and serves as the companion volume to the first publication, Perspectives on Percival Everett published by University Press of Mississippi in 2013, also co-edited by Drs. Mitchell and Vander.

Percival Everett: Writing Other/Wise promises to be an important contribution to the too-slowly increasing critical attention to this indispensable artist. Especially at a time when Americans are being asked to re-think their historical understanding of and relationship to issues of race and how it is represented within the culture, this consideration of Everett as novelist, but also as poet and visual artist, is the kind of broadly conceived approach that should be the standard for criticism on African American artists. Mitchell and Vander have assembled a fascinating and engaging collection.

Anthony Stewart, Professor of English, Bucknell University

Troubling Accents

by R. Flowers Rivera


ISBN-13: 978-1883275235


Part I
Troubling Accents
Back up off Me
The Katrina Effect
Green Pods
Facing Beckwith, 1994
Hell in my Kitchen
Gulfport Circa 1963
Palimpsest, 1862
Vera Geneva, 1939
Some Other Woman’s
Like Women of Long Ago
Requiem for Sonny Boy
The Price of the Ticket
Call My Name so My God Will Know Me
Hokku Lunacy
Antics of Sadness and Despair
Waffle House
Flirtation in the Front Parlor
Backwater Gal

Part II
Legacy of Our Daughters

Part III
Late Night Ramblings
Yes, I was a Debutante
Blues Mama
The Answer to You Question, Sir
    Or: The Diaspora of the Dahomey
Portrait of Lolo
Not My Guitar: C C Rider Revisited
But Never Seeing My Eyes
Bernadette, Vocalist: 1998
Basic Rules of Grammar
Exegesis: A World Gone Awry
Contemplating the Natural Order
Trellis Laced with Morning Glories
Scorned is Scorned
Phone Call: The Morning After
A Toast to Each Kiss
Drunken Sestina
I Wanted to Take You Home


The Story behind the Painting:
Frederick J. Brown’s The Assumption of Mary at Xavier University


Katheryn Krotzer Laborde


ISBN 978-883275-22-8




Acknowledgments  6

Foreword  10

Key  12

Artist’s Statement  15

Inspiration, Creation, Installation  16

The Madonna  31

The Pope  33

Who was Mr. Joe?  38

The Heavenly Choir   40

About the Artist  64

About the Author  65

Afterword  66


Assumption of mary

Silver Threads: 25 Years of Fiction from Xavier Review

Edited by Thomas Bonner, Jr., Robert Skinner, and Richard Collins


ISBN 978-1-883275-20-2

A collection of 15 stories chosen from the first 25 years of Xavier Review, the creative writing journal of Xavier University of Louisiana.


Jim Addison: “The Marsh Girl”

Alvin Aubert: “The Attic”

Robin Beeman: “Sparklers”

Lucille Bellucci: “A Good Job”

Fred Chappell: “Enough”

Andrei Codrescu: from Cassanova in Prague

Mary Queen Donnelly: The Boy”

Zdravka Evtimova: “The Old House”

Roger Jones: “The Discount Christ”

David Madden: “Retracing My Steps”

Robert Morgan: “The Schoolhouse”

Marc Schiffman: “Bank Robbers”

Fatima Shaik: “New Orleans”

Dabney Stuart: “Bobby Cross”

Dana Wilde: “Measures of Age”


Silver Threads: 25 years of Fiction from Xavier Review

Cabinet Makers
in the New Orleans Furniture Trade 1800-1850




Margo Moscou


ISBN-10: 1883275199
ISBN-13: 978-1883275198



List of Illustrations viii

Foreword by Thomas Bonner Jr. x

Preface by Wendell Garrett xiii

Acknowledgements xvii

Introduction xviii

Chapter 1: The Lost Generation 23

Chapter 2: The Free People of Color 29

Chapter 3: The Furniture Trade in Antebellum New Orleans 42


Chapter 4: The Furniture 51


Chapter 5: Signs of Life 78


Notes 80

Bibliography 90

New Orleans Cabnet Makers

New Orleans Cabnet Makers

Songs in Blue Negritude



Van G. Garrett


ISBN: 978-1-883275-18-0



Introduction ix
Acknowledgements xiii
The Tight Lines Collection
postcard from the ghetto 16
midnight connoisseurs 17
for mothers of inmates 18
jayne cortez kwansaba #1 19
nikki i'm scared (for nikki giovanni) 20
jazub 21
12 jazz haiku 22
super star 24
peter's confession 25
the first time i was called a nigger 26 i keep seein' cool jazz cats die 27 the process of elimination 28 football kwansaba 29
basketball kwansaba 30
jayne cortez kwansaba #2 31 watermelons are spiritual 37 apt. 8c 33
jayne cortez kwansaba #3 34 for kim perrot (#10) 35 island kwansaba #1 36
colors on the earth's canvas 37 it came hard and fast 38
coconuts (1951): oil on masonite 40 island kwansaba #2 41
i wonder if i'm teaching my students to save my life 42 pac-man kwansaba: three drafts 44 it's okay 45
the bus lottery 46
a dragging in tx 48
something good 50
irima akarab: reflections (kwansaba 1)) 51
kwansaba 2 52
kwansaba 3 53
The Musical Interlude
postcard of sonia sanchez 54
watermelon stomachs 55
more than feelings 56
james brown kwansaba 57
rosa parks (1913-2005) 58 hot-shots 59
john birks (mr. salt peanuts) 60
kwansaba #1 for jay wright 61
kwansaba #2 for jay wright 62
kwansaba #3 for jay wright 63
for nia long 64
unicorns in the city sideshows 65
beaumont's daughter 66
i loved hip-hop 67
thriller 68
niniva 69
louisiana '94 70
miles is cool as hell 71
i want patti la belle to sweat her make-up 72
wet times 73
professor thomas 74
remembering professor lorenzo thomas (1944-2005) 75
*Hidden Track
My Grandfather, the Poet (For Mr. Leeal Hall) 78

Songs inBlue Negritude - Front

Songs in Blue Negritude - Back

Landscape & Epiphany

Edited by

Donna Marie Gould


ISBN: 978-1-883275-17-2




Landscape and Epiphany
by Donna Marie Gould, SBS 10
photo by Gloria Ruff          13
Part I. Epiphany: Landscape Intimates the Sacred
Decorating for Holiday
by Ava Leavell Haymon 16
The Southwest Landscape: Tony Hillerman's "Stairway to Heaven" by Thomas Bonner, Jr.           18
"Mere men, rushing to grace"
by Thomas G. Bowie, Jr. 20
Part II. Epiphany: Landscape Creates Perspective
by William Virgil Davis          23
Watermelon from the New Orleans Farmers Market by Patrice Melnick  24
The Equilibrist
by Lena Andersson 26
From the Evening of the Shadowy Unconscious to the Morning Light of the Lord: D.H. Lawrence and Mornings in "New" Mexico by Harvey E. Solganick           28
A View from My Window: Brawdy, Wales by Leo Luke Marcello 31
Landscape Painting as Discourse: Transfiguration South and West by Judith H. Bonner 32
Poem Ending with a Variation on a Line by Charles Wright by William Virgil Davis 38
Part III. Epiphany: Landscape Shares the Spirit of the Inhabitants
Dreaming of Rome
by John Ruff 40
Isabel's View
by John Ruff 43
The Search for Home and Identity by Claudia M. Champagne 45
"A grey formal, respectable thing": Christianity and the Social Landscape in Barbara Pym
by Michael Hill         47
Hierophany and Race: Spatial Epiphany in Charles W. Chesnutt's Patesville and the Market House
by Peter Valenti        49
Frost's "Mowing": The Work of a Nature Poet by Stephen D. Barnes            51
Walking Poem
by John H. Kennedy           54
"Nature Center"
photo by Gloria Ruff        56


Part IV. Epiphany: Landscape Manifests the Interrelatedness of All Creation
John Milton and the Residue of the Fall by Albert W. Fields         58
The Crossing: Book of Heretics
by Christopher D. Campbell           60
Jesse Stuart's Poetry as Fugitive-Agrarian Synthesis by J. R. LeMaster    62
Hopkins' Celebration / Dickinson's Contemplation by Joan L. Fields          64
by Angela Lydon, SBS          66
Final Reflections
Reflections on a theme
by Donna Marie Gould, SBS          68
photo by Ava Leavell Haymon 72
Contributors' Notes      73

Landscape and Epiphany - Front

Landscape and Epiphany - Back Cover




Edited by

Grace Bauer and Julie Kane


ISBN: 1-883275-16-4

Price: $25.95


Umpteen Ways of Looking at a Possum examines and celebrates the life and work of legendary New Orleans poet Everette Maddox. Maddox, who taught poetry at University of Alabama, Xavier University, and University of New Orleans, is well known throughout the region for his colorful, idiosyncratic poetry, as well as the organizer and master of ceremonies for a long-running series of open mike poetry readings at New Orleans’s equally storied Maple Leaf Bar. The readings continue today, 17 years after Maddox’s untimely death in 1989. Maddox’s poetry, which appeared in The Paris Review, The New Yorker, and other literary magazines, was collected in The Thirteen Original Poems (1976), The Everette Maddox Song Book (1982), Bar Scotch (1988), and the posthumous collections American Waste (1993) and Rette’s Last Stand (2004).


Editors Julie Kane, a professor of English at Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, Louisiana, and Grace Bauer, professor of English at University of Nebraska, Lincoln, knew Everette Maddox and his circle, and have gathered together an impressive array of writers for this book. Among them are R. S. Gwynn, Ralph Adamo, Randolph Bates, Ken Fontenot, Nancy Harris, Rodney Jones, David Kunian, William Lavender, Doug MacCash, William Matthews, Sharon Olinka, Randall Schroth, Gail White, Stan Bemis, Steve Brooks, George Burton III, Maxine Cassin, Christopher Chambers, Carlos Colon, Peter Cooley, Joel Dailey, Louis Gallo, Michael Greene, William Harmon, Karen Head, Harry de la Houssaye, Fred Kasten, William Maddox, Martha McFerren, Christopher Munford, Kay Murphy, Spike Perkins, Manfred Pollard, J. C. Reilly, Louie Skipper, Robert Stock, Leon Stokesbury, Helen Toye, Gail White, Carolyne Wright, Ahmos Zu-Bolton II, Ellen Gilchrist, Richard Katrovas, Katheryn Krotzer LaBorde, Bill Roberts, Vicki Salloum, Richard Kilbourne, Errol Laborde, and Susan Larson.



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Turning Up The Volume

By Patrice Melnick


ISBN 1883275156

Price: $12.95

A poet and essayist describes her joys and sorrows during twenty years of living with HIV in this funny and sometimes poignant memoir. Melnick describes in quick, bold strokes the minutia of arranging furniture, buying swimsuits, eating, dating, not dating, getting married while living under the shadow of potentially life-threatening illness. Running throughout the story is her life-long love of music, country, blues, pop, zydeco, a constant friend and companion that soothes, consoles and celebrates with her the ultimate joy of living.


Turning Up The Volume
Available from

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Points of Gold: Poems for Leo Luke Marcello

Edited by Stella Ann Nesanovich

ISBN 1-883275-14-8

Price: $7.50


A memorial tribute to the late and widely-admired Louisiana poet, Leo Luke Marcello, Nesanovich’s collection includes poems by many of Marcello’s colleagues and fellow poets, including Jack Bedell, Darrell Bourque, Catherine Savage Brosman, Julie Kane, Susan Ludvigson, Wendy Whelan-Stewart, and Lewis P. Simpson.


Points of Gold: Poems for Leo Luke Marcello

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Vespers at Mount Angel

By Stella Ann Nesanovich

ISBN 1-883275-13-X


Price $10.95

Although this collection of poems deals with the daily stresses of living and dying, Stella Nesanovich infuses them with a quiet intensity that lingers long after the reader puts the book aside. Nesanovich does not burden the reader with showy attempts to be literary, but speaks in an almost conversational tone that creates an instant intimacy between her and the reader.

About the Author

Stella Ann Nesanovich is a professor of English at McNeese State University , Lake Charles , Louisiana . She is the author of the chapbook A Brightness That Made My Soul Tremble: Poems on the life of Hildegard of Bingen (1996). Her poetry, finction, and short fiction appears regularly in such periodicals as America , Christianity and Literature, Louisiana Literature, Southern Review, and Xavier Review.

Vespers at Mount Angel

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Leap of the Heart: Andre Dubus Talking

Edited by Ross Gresham

ISBN 1-883275-12-1


Price: $15.95


Often described as the greatest American short fiction writer, it is only since the release of the acclaimed film, IN THE BEDROOM, that the late Andre Dubus's name has become better known to the American public.

Perhaps because he was so widely regarded by writing afficianados, Dubus was the frequent subject of magazine, newspaper,and journal interviews during his long career. Unlike many writers, Dubus was unusually frank and unguarded in his interviews, often treating his interviewers to day-long experiences in which he spoke about his religious beliefs, his hopes, and his failures. By turns charming, bombastic, witty, and maudlin, Dubus revealed to his interviewers the same concerns, sorrows, and passions that so powerfully animate the characters in his fiction.


Editor Ross Gresham has assembled twenty-four of the best of these interviews, ranging in time from early in Dubus's career to the last one, conducted the day before he died of a heart attack in 1999. For the scholar, Gresham also includes a chronological bibliography of all interviews conducted with Dubus, with notes on and excerpts from the ones not reprinted in the collection.


LEAP OF THE HEART is a fascinating look into the mind of one of America 's great artists, and a welcome companion to the publisher's 2001 release, ANDRE DUBUS: TRIBUTES edited by Donald Anderson.

Ross Gresham is an Associate Professor of English at the U. S. Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado .

Leap of the Heart: Andre Dubus Talking

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Stormy Blues

By Carole Boston Weatherford

ISBN 1-883275-11-3


Price: $10.50

The fifth collection by this award-winning African-American writer features sharply imaged verse that calls up a multitude of images from black culture and history, but which seems centered on the experience of everyday people in ordinary settings. "Yeast Rolls and Water Biscuits," " Turkey Necks and Crowder Peas," "Juchitech Market Woman," "B&O RR. Mount Royal Station Recap," and " December 1, 1955 : Before Rosa Altered History," are but a few of the poems in this collection, many of which have previously appeared in literary reviews and poetry magazines.

Ms. Weatherford's earlier collections include Remember the Bridge: Poems of a People, Sidewalk Chalk: Poems of the City, The Tar Baby on the Soapbox, and The Tan Chanteuse. Ms. Weatherford is also a much-published writer of children's fiction, including The Sound that Jazz Makes, Sink or Swim: African-American Lifesavers of the Outer Banks, and Jazz Baby. She lives in High Point , North Carolina

Stormy Blues

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Andre Dubus: Tributes

Edited by Donald Anderson

ISBN 1-883275-10-5


Price: $15.95


Anderson ’s is the first book devoted to the late master of the short story, Andre Dubus. Bringing together a wide cross-section of American writers and critics, Tributes combines touching reminiscences, humorous recollections, and new works of criticism. With a foreword by Andre Dubus III and an afterword by Tobias Wolff, the book also includes the work of Doris Betts, James Lee Burke, Alan Cheuse, David R. Godine and Tim Parrish, among others.

Andre Dubus: Tributes

Available from

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Race: Jean Toomer’s Swan Song

By Ronald Dorris

ISBN 1-883275-06-7


Price: $12.95


This new study of Toomer centers on the author’s addressing race in his development as a writer, the South as a region that inspired him to focus on an examination about race, and his immediate family having been a living part of the history of the South. Dorris, a professor of African-American studies at Xavier University of Louisiana, examines the period of 1916 through 1931, during which Toomer came to the conclusion that he would no longer address issues pertaining to race in his writing.

Andre Dubus: Tributes

Available from

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Odd Fellows Rest: An Original Play

By Jan Villarrubia

ISBN 1-883275-05-9


Price: $7.95


This serio-comic two-act play explores love and loss through the lives of a cemetery caretaker, his mother, and a collection of neighbors within the confines of one of New Orleans ’ historic cemeteries. Illustrated with photos by Robert Brantley and actual cast photos from one of the play’s productions.

Odd Fellows Rest . . . takes a tender, irreverent look at a collection of New Orleans odd balls. Like Dixieland jazz, the play is zany, loose limbed and anarchic. Its spirit celebrates charactes who love not wisely but quite touchingly.”

Lynn Hoggard, Wichita Falls Times Record News

Odd Fellows Rest - A play

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Saint-Louis : A Wool Strip-Cloth for Sekou Dabo

By Keith Cartwright

ISBN 1-883275-07-5


Price: $8.95


Written as a memorial to his Senagalese friend, Sekou Dabo, Cartwright’s poetry weaves a striking tapestry that includes elements of African and Afro-Creole lore and legend. Of particular note is the arrangement of the individual poems into African pictograms. Illustrated with lino-cuts by Amanda Gross.

Saint-Louis : A Wool Strip-Cloth for Sekou Dabo

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Immortelles: Poems of Life and Death by New Southern Writers

Edited by Thomas Bonner, Jr. and Robert E. Skinner

ISBN 1-883275-04-0


Price: $8.95

The poetry companion to Xavier Review Press’s story anthology Above Ground: Stories About Life and Death by New Southern Writers (1993), Immortelles brings together the work of forty southern poets as they thematically explore living and dying in the South. Among the many poets collected in this volume are Ralph Adamo, Catherine Savage Brosman, Peter Cooley, Charles Fort, Lee Grue, Yusef Komunyakaa, Robert Morgan, and Stella Nesanovich . Illustrated with photos by Jan White Brantley.

“[gives] that bracing shock to the reader that the best poetry provides.”

Susan Larson, New Orleans Times-Picayune

Immortelles: Poems of Life and Death by New Southern Writers

Available from

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No longer available


When the well runs dry, a small press often does not have the resources to republish what has sold out. Founding editor Thomas Bonner, Jr. was asked about the books that are no longer accessible for purchase.

“Near the beginning we described the books as part of an ‘occasional series’ and then that [designation] was dropped. Earlier, as XR volumes, we had published three books: a critical study regarding African American literature, a play by Retta Taney, and historical fiction about Jordan Noble, an African American drummer boy at the Battle of New Orleans.

“Bard South was the first book published by XRP.”

Below is a list of what is no longer available. The books mentioned above may be found listed in the Xavier Review section, and are available for purchase.

All books published by Xavier Review Press are available for perusal through the Xavier University Library Resource Center Archives.


Bard South: Teaching Writing at Historically Black Colleges and Universities
By David Lanoue; edited by Vivian Wilson

Above Ground: Stories about Life and Death by New Southern Writers
Edited by Thomas Bonner, Jr. and Robert Skinner

Blackrobe's Love Letters: Poems
By Leo Luke Marcello

I am New Orleans: And Other Poems by Marcus Christian
Edited by Amin Sharif and Rudolph Lewis

Three Poets in New Orleans
By Lee Meitzen Grue, Patricia Warren, and Biljana Obradovic; introduction by Thomas Bonner, Jr.