Volumes 20 - 29

The following is a list of the contents of Volumes 20 through 29. Copies of most of the volumes are available through Xavier Review. 

Volume 20, Issue 1

Spring 2000

The Xavier Writers Special Issue

Writing at Xavier - 2000 (Essay) by Randolph Bates... three poems by Toi Derricotte...Interview with Toi Derricotte by Patrice Melnick...Counter-transference (Story) by Mark Whitaker... three poems by Terrance Hayes... The Boa Constrictor (Essay) by Patrice Melnick... two poems by Major Jackson... from Domingo, el abuelo astral (Novel in progress) by Milton Martinez... two poems by Biljana Obradovic... Thunderkiss and Days of Rain (Novels-in-progress) by Charles Gramlich... A Stone in a Stream (Fiction) by Michele Levy... from Haiku Guy (Novel in Progress) by David Lanoue... Caricatures Abroad: A Dialogical Memoir (Essay) by Richard Collins... Lagniappe (Story) by Ronald Dorris... Waiting for Mr. Russell (Story) by Robert E. Skinner... A Restaurant Story by Thomas Bonner, Jr... Review of Survivor's Medicine by Bruce Danner.


Volume 20, Issue 2

Fall 2000

from Casanova in Prague (a novel in progress) by Andrei Codrescu; An Interview with Andrei Codrescu by Richard Collins; Translating Codrescu into Romanian (essay) by loana Avadani; Andreiology (essay) by Julian Semilian; Codrescu Verses America: A Postmodern Poet Turned Loose (essay) by Tim Lehnert; A Change of Plumage (fiction) by Jacob M. Appel; traces: Performing Race and Gender in the Streets of New Orleans, Mardi Gras, 1998, or A S(Other)n Self-Portrait (essay) by Allison M. Levy; Peanut (poem) by Opal Palmer Adisa; three poems by R. Flowers Rivera; six poems by Ma'zun, translated and introduced by Dana Wilde and Manouchehr Shiva; The Crowded Chapel (poem) by Leo Luke Marcello; Cross Bearer (poem) by Martha Malinara; Alias (fiction) by Enid Harlow; Piston: After Georgia O'Keefe's Cow's Skull: Red. White, and Blue (poem) by Ryan G. Van Cleave; two poems by Denise Rogers; Iron Palimpsest (poem) by Jake Adam York; 1954 (fiction) by Richard Lee Zuras; three poems by Eduardo Chirino,  translated by G. J. Racz; Ballad of a Conservative, Religious Society (poem) by Emily Allen; Quirky, Quipping, Glib and Grisly (book review) by Dana Wilde


Volume 21, Issue 1

Spring 2001

The Boo Hag (story) by Ann H. Sweetman

Life Lessons: Mamie Garvin Fields's Carolina Memoir (essay) by Clara Juncker

Cotton, Native Tourists (poems) by Malaika Favorite

The Two Loves of Josephine (poem) by James R. Whitley

Opposite the God-Free Zone (poem) by Russell Rowland

Nuns in the Zone (poem) by Angela O'Donnell

My Colleague Professor Johnson and the Great American Novel

(essay) by W. P. Osborn

My Brother's Keeper, Tragedies at the Local Zoo, In the House of

Botched­up Dreams (poems) by Srdjan Smajic

In the Biography of Broken Things, When the Snow Arrived (poems) by Sean Thomas Dougherty

When Lilacs Last (story) by Naton Leslie

Postcards from Montreal (poem) by Glenn Sheldon

It Was Sunday and I Had Nothing (poem) by James Doyle

Balboas (poem) by Gordon Osing

The Mulatto in The Grandissimes: Category Crisis and Crisis of Category (essay) by Thomas H. Fick and Eva Gold

One Helluva Holey Encyclopedia (review) by Richard Kostelanetz

Reply to Richard Kostelanetz by William L. Andrews, Frances Smith Foster and Trudier Harris

Brian Hanley on Ross Labrie's The Catholic Imagination in American Literature

Terrance Hayes on Yusef Komunyakaa's Talking Dirty With the Gods

John Verlenden on Dinty W. Moore 's Toothpick Men


 Volume 21, Issue 2

Fall 2001

Five Poems by Alvin Aubert

An Interview with Alvin Aubert by Ronald Dorris

Saving Grace (poem) by Angela A. Williams


Inventing America (poem) by Christopher Cessac

Black 'n' White Snapshots (essay) by Judy Belk

The Blues Aesthetic Within and the Blues Aesthetic Left out: Rachel Isadora's Ben's Trumpet vs. Ama Bontemps' Lonesome Boy (essay) by Nancy D. Tolson

Love and Fear (poem) by Jackson Wilde

In French (essay) by Mimi Seydel

From Out of the Book (poems) by Meredith Trede

What Really Happened in the Sixties (story) by Katherine Taylor

Wedding Rehearsal (poem) by Russell Rowland

Peak Experiences (poem) by Julie Lechevsky

Advice for a Split Personality (poem) by Alfred Gottlieb

A Poem by Gottfried Benn (poem) by David Huerta, translated by Lee Meitzen Grue

A Modem Mystic (review) by Dana Wilde

Ignatius Unbound (review) by C. W. Cannon



Volume 22, Issue 1

Spring 2002

Re/fusing to Learn (story) by Veronica Gaylie

The King Was in the Garden: Derek Walcott in the Classroom by Richard Collins

Only the Ghosts of Monkeys (poem) by Jim Dewitt

Poem (poem) by Arthur Haswell

Prayer Wheel (story) by Naton Leslie

The Monks (poem) by Jackson Wilde

The Gardener (poem) by Tony Bland

Blessed Quiteria (story) by Charles Edward Brooks

In the Autumn of the Goddess (poem) by Davidson Garret

A Perfect Band of Sunlight (prose poem) by Ryan G. Van Cleave

The Princess Who `Ran Away’ (prose poem) by Mary Winters

Amnesia (poem) by Richard Spilman

Home Geometries (poem) by Angela O'Donnell

Ascension Parish (poem) by Malaika Favorite

Racial Identity in Paul Marchand, F.M.C.: The Law and Identity (essay) by Christopher D. Genre

He Sees, He Saw, and Other Irregularities (story) by Roger L. Collins

To a Thief (story) by William Jablonsky

Angus Woodward on John Stigall's Subjects for Other Conversations

Nicole Pepinster Greene on Gordon Osing's The Jazzer and the Loitering Lady: Journeys in Ireland

Jamila D. Smith on James R. Whitley's Immersion


 Volume 22, Issue 2

Fall 2002

Nine Variations for the Organ (poem) by Nichita Danilov

A Good Time in the Monastery (poem) by James Doyle

Pyrrhus Triumphant (poem) by Plamen Arnaudov

Measures of Age (story) by Dana Wilde

Tu Fu the Poet/Philosopher as Pablo Neruda Writing About Tu Fu (poem) by Ryan G. Van Cleave

Milk (poem) by Rodrigo Rojas

San Bernardino Nourished by the Virgin (poem) by Michael Cadnum

The Cafecito Club (poem) by Margarita Engle

Tourist Attraction (poem) by Amy Spade

Turning Thirty (poem) by Clare Potter

Famous Poet (poem) by Tom C. Hunley

An Interview with Emmanuel Dongala by Norbert Schurer

Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon (poem) by Jonathan Moody

Two Poems by Reginald Harris

Text Version: Linton Kwesi Johnson's Dub Poetry in Print (essay) by Hugh Hodges

Work Camp (poem) by Carlotta Lady Izumi Abrams

Barnyard (story) by Jon Boilard

Randy M. Brooks on David Lanoue's Haiku Guy

Sabine Cadeau on Edwidge Danticat's After the Dance: A Walk Through Carnival in Jacmel , Haiti


Volume 23, Issue 1

Spring 2003

Let There Be Light (story) by Efrem Sigel

The True Ecclesia IV (poem) by Keith Cartwright

Hurricane Parties (essay) by Clayton Delery

Accessibility (poem) by Kristin Berkey-Abbott

Aboji (poem) by Sara Verstynen

Sister (poem) by Sara Verstynen

Train Tracks (story) by Dale Hrebik

Border Crossing (poem) by Ray Fleming

Catholic Palimpsest: The Louisiana Stories of Andre Dubus (essay) by Marcia Gaudet

August Sundays (poem) by Beth Cooley

Correspondence (poem) by Beth Cooley

Hair (story) by Elizabeth Keller Whitehurst

Old Age as Wolf (poem) by Alana Merritt Mahaffey

Fool's Art (poem) by Angela O'Donnell

The Thomas Grant (story) by Catherine Savage Brosman

Intro (poem) by Sean Thomas Dougherty

Say Jazz (poem) by Tony Quagliano

French Open (poem) by Chris Waters

Homestead Act (poem) by Chris Waters

Idleness and Motion (essay) by Naton Leslie

Violet Harrington Bryan on Anjail Rashida Ahmad's Necessary Kindling

Kevin Rabalais on C. A. Cannon's Soul Resin


Volume 23, Issue 2

Fall 2003

Luna Plena (story) by Kristina L. Diaz

Fado (story) by Lee Meitzen Grue

The Goldberg Variations (story) by Christine Lucia

O Brother, Where Art Thou? A Musical Appreciation (essay) by Daniel Goldmark

The Monument (poem) by Anthony Butts

Walter Inglis Anderson (1903-1965) (poems) by Don Russ

Jean Toomer (1894-1967) (poem) by Hans Ostrom

St. Michael, Patron Saint of Grocers (poem) by Heather A. Slomski

St. Mikhail (poem) by Heather A. Slomski

Medieval Picnic (poem) by James Doyle

While the Lights at Los Alamos Twinkled (poem) MacNair Randall

"Like" in Frisco's Inner City (poem) by Daniel Gallik

Hmmm (poem) by Bill Lyons

Data Viewing Device (poem) by Nate Pritts

Malfunctions (poem) by Jim Douglas

Day of the Dead Every Other Day (poem) by John Grey

Melanoma (poem) by Russell Rowland

Pachydermata (poem) by Don Russ

David G Lanoue reviews Lenard Moore's gathering at the crossroads


Volume 24, Issue 1

Spring 2004

Bank Robbers (story) by Marc Schiffman

Caribs at the Coast of Pearls (poem) by Thomas Reiter

The Great Swamp Massacre, or The Hospitality of the Narragansett (poem) by Chris Waters

Song for a Sinner (poem) by Ariono-Jovan Labu

Bachelors' Quarters (poem) by Susan V. Carlos

Homage to Virgil (poem) by Fred Yannantuono

Spinning Suns, Golden Rosaries, and Other Transformations (story) by Katheryn Krotzer Laborde

Divinations: After the Hysterectomy (poem) by Maryanne

Mary Was Her Name (poem) by Sharon Doyle

When the Horse Dies Get Off (poem) by Lorna Mpho Mabunda

Spoon (poem) by Jean-Marc Sens

Owner's Automate (poem) by Susan Lewis

Captivated (story) by Angus Woodward

Runway (poem) by Robert W. Cosgriff

Silver Street Inn (poem) by John Freeman

Come Again (poem) by Frederick Davis

Eisenhower Interstate Highway System (poem) by Michael H. Brownstein

Rene `89 (poem) by Robyn J. Peebles

So You've Lost Your Perspective (poem) by Andrea Quaid

Houston (poem) by Fred Yannantuono


Volume 24, Issue 2

Fall 2004

In Memoriam: William McKinley (essay) by Naton Leslie

Center Furnace-Hematite (circa 1850) (poem) by Keith Cartwright

Wrought Iron Figure (poem) by Keith Cartwright

The Enigma of Arrival (poem) by Anis Shivani

Vegetables, Muddy, Local (poem) by Anis Shivani

Planting (poem) by Robert Parham

Nomads (poem) by Indigo Moor

Tongue (poem) by R. G. Cantalupo

Strangers (fiction) by Blake Sanz

Momentos (poem) by Jim Daniels

Secret Aureolas (poem) by Dave Brinks

Perfect Memory (poem) by Dave Brinks

Ancient Enemies, New Lovers (poem) by Judith Cody

Bomb Threat at Allen Kirkwood Elementary, Toppenish , WA (poem) by Dan Morris

Undressing Fear (essay) by Daniel John

Sestina Found in The Hollywood Reporter (poem) by Christine DeSimone

Here, at the Barnes and Borders (poem) by Allison Whittenberg

Poetry Slam (poem) by Emily Scudder

Colette (fiction) by Laura V. Cario

Walking Worm (poem) by Kelley White

Missionary's Pay: What Isloe Was Left With in the End (poem) by Holly Pettit

The Missionary's Lecture Tour in the States (poem) by Holly Pettit

Rose Window (poem) by Sharon Doyle

The Naked Truth (fiction) by Vivian Lawry

The Deer Park (poem) by James Doyle

Somewhere Along the Buffalo River (essay) by Nick Barton

Wright Turns the Bible Left: Rewriting the Christian Parable in Uncle Tom's Children (essay) by Brian D. Reed

Ronald Dorris on Alvin Aubert's The Way I Do

James Denestan on John Edgar Wideman's The Island Martinique


Volume 25, Issue 1

Spring 2005

Three Poems from Male Hysteria by Anthony Butts

Voluntary (story) by Marshall Howell

Two poems by Glenn Sheldon

Summer Solstice (story) by Charles Edward Brooks

Three poems by L.S. Klatt

Love in a Time of Communication (story) by Anis Shivani

The Orpheus of Saint Medard (poem) by Michael Cadnum

Two poems by Mark Taksa

In Bali (poem) by Ann McGovern

On Call (story) by Kim Chinquee

Grass Allergy (poem) by Liza Sisk

Absences (poem) by Chris Waters

This Moral Core: J.R.R. Tolkien's Books and Peter Jackson's Films (essay) by Dana Wilde



Volume 25, Issue 2

Fall 2005


Dave Brinks' Meditations on New Orleans from the Caveat Onus

Joanna Lowery's “Florida”

Poems by: Georgia Tiffany, Ron McFarland, James Doyle, Sharon Doyle, Gaylord Brewer, Davidson Garrett,, Rane Arroyo, Glenn Sheldon, Tom C. Hunley and Philip Dacey

Mary Akers' “White Women of the Caicos”.

Max Despain and Thomas Bonner Jr. on Kate Chopin's Winged Imagery

James Shade on Black Hollywood



Volume 26, Issues 1 & 2


 Black-on- White Goods: The Spirit of New Orleans (essay & cover photos) by Katheryn Krotzer Laborde

The Write Way tubs iten: My Workshop Experience with Ernest Gaines (essay) by Wiley Cash

West Meets East (A Talk with a Buddhist Monk) (essay) by Dana Wilde

The Poetry and Prose of Ninoy Aquino,Philippine Patriot and Martyr (essay) by Jose Bautista

Three Essays on Mysticism, Poetics and Queer Theory (essay) by Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingde

Cover Letter by N. Marin



Diamond (story) by Jill Wright

Sugar Hill (story by Ronald Frame

Little Lost Souls (story) by Dexter J.V. Campbell

Bon Mot for New Orleans (story) by Brian Withers

The Discount Christ (story) by Roger Jones

So-What (story) by Cornelia Wells

Broken (story) by Laura V. Cario

Waterloo (story) by Aaron Hellem

Six Meditations from The Caveat Onus, Book Two (poem) by Dave Brinks

Decadence (poem) by Anthony Butts

Welcome to Baltimore, Hon (poem) by Angela O'Donnell

Four Poems (poem) by Jeanne Emmons

A poem to mark the day we didn't drive across Texas at night because we were afraid (poem) by Tiphanie Yanique

Three poems by Georgia Tiffany

Skipping Town (poem)by Mari Stanley

Hope Chest (poem) by Susannah W. Simpson

Wages (poem) by Jeffrey Alfier

The Guy on the Road Crew Cutting Down Kiawe Tells Me Why He Hates Them (poem) by Karla Clark

Premonition (poem) by Biman Roy

Sand Paintings (poem) by Catharine Savage Brosman

Amen (poem) by Sharon Doyle

Worm Moon (poem) by William Hathaway

Thurgood Marshall Proposed as Episcopal Saint (poem) by Dick Bentley

Nkisi Nkondi, Power Figure from Republic of Congo, Affirms His Strength and Plots His Escape with the Help of Unassuming Museum-goer (poem) by Maureen Flannery

Do Better (poem) by Carol Hamilton

Three Poems on the Theme of Falling (poem) by John J. Trause

Two poems by Laura Hope-Gill

MENSA Bob Fails Geometry Class at the Community College Again (poem) by Ryan G. Van Cleave

Imperial Twilight (poem) by Doug Ramspeck

Spindrift and Sand (poem) by Brett Garcia Myhren

Someone Else in Cairo (poem) by Eileen Berry

Three poems by Alice Pero

Onlookers (poem) by Donald Illich

Three poems by Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingde

Penguins (poem) by James Doyle

Less Than Nothing (poem) by Ariono-jovan Labu

The Physics of Poetry (poem) by Patrick Hicks

Violet Harrington Bryan on John Lowe's Bridging the Southern Cultures: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Sister Donna Marie Gould on Ava Leavell Haymon's poems in The Strict Economy of Fire

Katheryn Krotzer Laborde on William Jablonsky's stories in The Indestructible Man

Richard Collins on Davidson Garrett's poems in King Lear of the Taxi

Richard Collins on Dave Brinks' meditations in The Caveat Onus

Richard Collins on Georgia Tiffany's poems in Cut from the Score


Volume 27, Issue 1

Fall 2007

The Longing for Communion: Introduction to Sex and the Spirit by Robin G. Vander

Spirit and Body: African Spirituality in Paule Marshall's Praisesong for the Widow

(essay) by Mawuena Logan

Accepting the Self: The Sexual-Spiritual Balance in Octavia E. Butler's Survivor

(essay) by Mildred R. Mickle

Interrogations of Women, Women's Sexuality, Eroticism, and the Spiritual in Contemporary Art (essay) by Martine Antle

The Encyclopedia of Pleasure and the Politics of Eroticism (essay) by Sahar Amer 53

The Erotic Tale of Karmen Gei: The Taboo of Female Homosexuality in Senegal

(essay) by Frieda Ekotto

Feeling the Spirit in the Dark: Expanding Notions of the Sacred in the African-American Gay Community (essay) by E. Patrick Johnson

“Sinners Have Soul Too": Spirituality in the Secular Text (essay) by Candice Love Jackson 104

"There's no remaking reality": Philip Roth's Everyman and the Ironies of Body and Spirit (essay) by Victoria Aarons

Three poems by Frieda Ekotto

Four poems by Raina Leon

Oshun. Carnival Costume Design by Maura Michelle Garcia

Works in various media by Ghada Amer 49

Afterword by Keith Mitchell 128


Volume 27, Issue 2

Fall 2007

The Old House (story) by Zdravka Evtimova

Flea Markets (poem) by David Bedsole

caballo negro (poem) by Bruce A. Lowry  

Joao Pessoa (poem) by Malaika Favorite   

Moksha—Liberation (essay) by Malik Muhammed   

Sea Glass (poem) by Margarita Engle   

Quantum Nocturne (poem) by Doug Ramspeck   

Issueless (essay) by Dana Wilde  

Zebra (poem) by Fred Yannantuono  

Swimming Through the Missouri Synod (poem)

by Sheila Macmanus  

Letter Written in Fog, Moscow, Idaho: To Richard whose daughter is four going on five (poem) by Georgia Tiffany

Crocodiles (poem) by Jean-Mark Sens  

When You Think You Might Have the Makings of a Vegetarian (poem) by Ron McFarland  

Sorry Business (story) by Kathleen Epelde  

Black Skin (poem) by Reid Bush  

Project Sestina (poem) by Holly Clay   

Two Poems by Ian Stone  

Blessed Be J.C. Penney (poem) by Susanna Rich  

Hallucination (poem) by Tameka Martin  

Two Poems by Ginger Jones  

Two Poems & Two Essays on The Language of Love by Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingde  

Discovering Sex (poem) by Davidson Garrett  

Two Poems by Dave Brinks  

Two Poems by Leigh Collins  

The Abandoned Clamshell (poem) by Alan Britt  

The Monks' Fire Department (poem) by Carol Hamilton  

Approximate Jehovah (poem) by John Camacho

Smyrna (story) by James Najarian     

Torah (poem) by Elizabeth Swados       

The Father of a Horse (poem) by Samuel Stenger Renken     

A Valediction in the Form of a Multiple Review Essay by Richard Collins     


Volume 28, Issue 1

Spring 2008

 (coming soon)


Volume 28, Issue 2

Fall 2008

Retracing My Steps (Fiction) by David Madden

The Other Mississippi (Speech) by David G. Sansing

One Tanka and Four Haiku (Poems) by Lenard D. Moore

White Crow: A Story of 1835 by Rhonda Strickland

The "Fairy Web" and the Raft: Domesticity and Nature in "A New England Nun"

and Huckleberry Finn (Essay) by James D. Wilson

Scissor-Lightning (Poem) by Kim Bridgford

Somniloquy (Poem) by Lois Marie Harrod

Modern Love, The Nightingales Are Dead (Poems) by J. R. LeMaster

The Pigeons (Story) by Jose Sequeira

Patna Yo No Te Olvido (Poem) by Marco Tulio Del Arca Saravia, Translated by Carroll E. Mace

Perennial Crossing (Poem) by Margaret Whiteneck

Laughing Ladies (Poem) by Lynn Hoggard

The Crop Duster (Fictional Sketch) by Donice Alverson

St. Louis Black (Poem) by Corey Stayton

Lee Meitzen Grue's Goodbye, Silver, Silver Cloud:

New Orleans Stories (Review) by Robert E. Skinner


 Volume 29, Issue 1

Fall 2009

Identity Anxiety and the Power and Problem of Naming in African American and Jewish American Literature (essay) by Rachael Peckham

Seeing (story) by Marc Schiffman

Security (story) by Robert Watts Lamon

The Orbs (poem) by Anthony Berard

Forest Monastery (poem) by Michael Morical

Inside Cinder Block (poem) by James Daniels

Where Do We Come From, What Are We, Where Are We Going? (poem) by Chris Waters

Finally; Still Alive (poem) by Hugh Fox

The Portable Tranquility (poem) by Mark Taksa

Insomnia (poem) by Arthur Gottlieb

Introspection: these eyes (deciphering the notes of my soul) (poem) by Michael Hall

Ladainha (Litany) (poem) translated by Alexis Levitin by Salgado Maranhao

At the Dawn (poem) by Waseem Anwar

At the Convention of Disabled Veterans by (poem) Kathryn Jacobs

Another Vietnam Veteran by (poem) Sheryl L. Nelms

John the Baptist Walking, after Rodin (poem) by Andrew H. Oerke

Heredity (poem) by Kristina Robinson

Nobodies Kid (poem)by Aariono-Jovan Labu

Just a Guy (poem) by Russell Rowland

Talking to a Stranger (poem) by Sr. Lou Ella Hickman

At Lola’s (poem) by Jean-Marc Sens

Cane (poem) by Michelle Brule


Volume 29, Issue 2

Fall 2009

 Brooding (essay) by Naton Leslie

Nine Pounds Heavy (essay) by Laura White Schuett

No Longer an Outsider: The Biblical Underpinnings of James Baldwin’s Call for Human Equality (essay) by Francine Allen

Dogs (story) by Tim Fitts

Interview with Andrew Hudgins by Tony Leuzzi

My Disappearance (poem) by Sankar Roy

Harvesting Wolves (poem) by James Doyle

So as no fuller on earth can white them (poem) by Don Thompson

Marsh (poem) by Doug Ramspeck

What the Waves Want (poem) by Arthur Gottlieb

San Antonio (poem) by Mark Smith

On a Wild South Wind (poem) by Carol Hamilton

Age is an Indian Summer (poem) by Howard Winn

Elegy for My Father (poem) by Beth Cooley

Beginning again, again (poem) by L.L. Harper

The Last Week of School (poem) by Sharon Doyle

Morning Drive (poem) by Anthony Berard

13 January 1979; A Pantoum for Mr. Hathaway (poem) by Rost Olsen

Fables of Faubus (poem) by Kevin Rabas

Janet Allured and Judith F. Gentry, eds. Louisiana Women: Their Lives and Times (review) by Ann Wakefield

Marleen S. Barr ed. Afro-Future Females: Black Writers Chart Science Fiction’s Newest New-Wave Trajectory (review) by Bonnie Noonan

Daniel McVeigh and Patricia Schnapp, eds. The Best American Catholic Short Stories (review) by Donna Gould, SBS

Rainulf A. Stelzmann. Thinking of Germany at Night: A personal View of the Years 1927 to 1956 (review) by Thomas Bonner, Jr.


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