Volumes 10 - 19

The following is a list of the contents of Volumes 10 through 19. Copies of most of the volumes are available through Xavier Review. 

Volume 10, Issues 1 & 2


The Unknown Rodolphe Desdunes: Writings in the New Orleans Crusader (Article) by Lester Sullivan... Santa Rosa de Lima (Poem) by Keith Cartwright... Dogwood Festival (Poem) by Eugene Hollahan... Baccalaureate Sermon by Cyprian Davis, O.S.B... Four poems by Houston Baker... Two stories by Jim Addison... Summer Idyll (Poem) by Edward Byrne... The Elegant Invention (Poem) by William Page... Heat (Poem) by Fatima Shaik... The Velvet Rope (Poem) by James Gleason Bishop... In the Old Field (Poem) by Trent Busch... The Statue of the Angel (Story) by Norberto Luis Romero Translated by H. E. Francis... The Creative Dance (Poem) by Stella Nesanovich... the collection (Poem) by James Ryer... Ducktown , Tennessee (Poem) by Barry Ivker... Listening (Essay) by Charles A. Gramlich... Two poems by Veronica Volkow and translated by Iona Whishaw... From Mt. Pelee (A Historical Novel-in-Progress) by David Taylor...Unheard Melodies (Poem) by Hannah Goolsby...Nobody's Tom (Poem) by Gilbert Allen



Volume 11, Issues 1 & 2


The Southern Trace of Black Critical Theory by R. Baxter Miller


I: The Southern Roots of Black Critical Theory

II: Redemption of Time:

Crisis and Theory in Black Southern Generations


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Volume 12, Issue 1

Spring 1992

Final Days (Story) by Fredrick Barton...An Interview with Fredrick Barton by Edward Uehling...Two poems by Peter Cooley... From Romance to Ritual: Jean Stafford, Robert Lowell, and Catholicism (Essay) by Mary Ann Wilson... Day Star (Poem) by Stella Nesanovich... Two poems by Ahmos Zu-Bolton...The Holy Assumption of Mr. Tinsel (Story) by Patty Friedmann... Admission (Poem) by Christine Dumaine... Rosie, Rosie (Poem) by Errol Miller... Essay Review: Catharine Savage Brosman's... Journeying from Canyon de Chelly by Landrum Banks... The Photographer, Wrestling with Words (Poem) by Leo Luke Marcello... Fitting In (Story) by L. K. Rosen... An Old Photograph (Poem) by Rosalind Green... Sweet Black Jam (Poem) by Genise Lay... Review of James Lee Burke's A Stained White Radiance by Robert E. Skinner



Volume 12, Issue 2

Fall 1992

The Schoolhouse (Story) by Robert Morgan...A Conversation with Robert Morgan by Donald Anderson...1963: Babe Stovall on a Bare Stage at the Quorum Club (Poem) by Lee Meitzen Grue...Teaching "Race Relations in Southern Literature" (Essay) by Suzanne W. Jones...Learning from Renoir (Poem) by B. A. St. Andrews...* (Poem) by Simon Perchik...revisiting the aquarium (Poem) by Barbara Simmons...Children's Story (Poem) by Anne E. Segu...A Tale of Ole Miss: A Memoir by William A. Gershuny...Ciudad (Poem) by Angel Gonzales...Translated by Steven Ford Brown...Three Poems by Myra McKendal Haydel, Translated by Carroll E. Mace...The Ballad of Waltzing John (Story) by Katheryn Krotzer Laborde...Review of J. R. LeMaster's Journey to Beijing by David G. Lanoue... Review of Albert Belisle Davis' Marquis at Bay by Georgiann L. Potts


Volume 13, Issue 1

Spring 1993

The Amateur Virgin (One-Act Play) by Rane Arroyo... Awa Speaks (Poem) by Patrice Melnick... A Definition of Things (Poem) by Michael L. Jackson...The Worker (Poem) by Wonga Matanda...From Sketchbooks, 1986-1992 (Art) by John Scott..."An Uncertaine and Dangerous Kind of People": Role Conflict in the Eighteenth-Century West Indies (Essay) by Thomas W. Krise...  .Blanco Descanso and Amor y Algo Mds (Poems) by Marco Tulio del Arca Saravia Translated by Carroll E. Mace... Man's Work (Story) by Page Hodgen... New House on the Market and Skin (Poems) by William Greenway...Texas (Story) by Laura Slapikoff...Visiones de San Narciso (Poem) by Oscar Hahn Translated by James Hoggard...Dark Turns (Poem) by Stella Nesanovich Clean Towels (Story) by Diane M. Moore...A Branch Is Home Plate (Poem) by Mark Taksa...Ball (Poem) by DC Berry...Paule Marshall 's Women Warriors (Review Essay) by Jacqueline Brice-Finch



Volume 13, Issue 2

Fall 1993

A Conversation on Artist John McCrady by Matthew A. Martinez

A McCrady Portfolio

Ritmos Negros del Peru (Poem) by Nicomedes Santa Cruz Translated by Keith Cartwright

Hands and Fingers: Revisiting Booker T. Washington in Lerone Bennett's "The Convert" (Essay) by Myles Raymond Hurd

My Brother, James (Fictional Sketch) by Delfeayo Marsalis

The Ice Age in Dixie (Poem) by Erroll Miller

Carson McCullers's Allegory of Love (Essay) by Robert M. Slabey

Losing Memory, The Faculty Club: A Table of Truth, Mississippi : Bell Zone 1, Walls (Four Poems) by Jerry W. Ward, Jr

Vicente Huidobro, Marian Poet (Essay) by Oscar Hahn translated by James Hoggard

Washing Clothes, Putting William to Sleep (Two Poems) by Darrell Bourque

The City of Richmond (Prose Poem) by Robert Nagler

Effecting Change (Story) by Mark Whitaker

This April, Musky Nights After Rain Rose, With You, Hair Wreathes (Four Poems) by Lyn Lifshin

From "That Scandalous Lady from St. Louis " (Screenplay based on the Life of Kate Chopin) by Linda Goldberg

Where Books Come In (Poem) by Bruce Robinson

Trophy (Poem) by Mary Winters

A Common Name (Poem) by John Ruff

Martha McFerreri s Women in Cars (Review) by Patrice Melnick

Christine Wiltz's Glass House (Review) by Robert E. Skinner

Fredrick Barton's With Extreme Prejudice (Review) by Thomas Bonner, Jr



Volume 14, Issue 1

Spring 1994

Chester Himes-The Ethics of Ambiguity: An Interview with Dr. Joseph Sandy Himes, Jr., by Gwendolyn Lewis Roget

From Friction (Novel-in-Progress) by Oliver Glass

A Sister Writes from the Missions, 1888; Red Cloud's Confession; and Names and Numbers (Poems) by Leo Marcello

Which Side Are You on?: Betrayal, Loyalty, and Graham Greene (Essay) by Peter McHugh

Hunter (Poem) by James Sallis

Dormant; Conspiracy, the Crest (Poems) by B. A. Cantwell

Rage,Torment and Peace (Poem) by Rene F. Cardenas

A Portfolio (Photographs) by David Spielman

The Path of Water (Poem) by Tony D'Arpino

Perspectives (Poem) by Ruth Daigon

The Music of Asian Carolina (Poem) by David Shevin

The Threat of Bremen (Poem) by Stella Nesanovich

Things That Are Real (Story) by Neil Fears

Detour (Poem) by Jean-Marc Sens

Black Wool, Red Satin Lining (Poem) by James H. Clinton

heroes don't come easily (Fictional Sketch) by Demetrios Hondroulis

Sleeper's Lullaby (Prose Poem) by Valeka Eskinde

The Fire That Night (Prose Poem) by Christopher Woods

The Service (Poem) by William Virgil Davis



Volume 14, Issue 2

Fall 1994

Retracing My Steps (Fiction) by David Madden

The Other Mississippi (Speech) by David G. Sansing

One Tanka and Four Haiku (Poems) by Lenard D. Moore

White Crow: A Story of 1835 by Rhonda Strickland

The "Fairy Web" and the Raft: Domesticity and Nature in "A New England Nun"

and Huckleberry Finn (Essay) by James D. Wilson

Scissor-Lightning (Poem) by Kim Bridgford

Somniloquy (Poem) by Lois Marie Harrod

Modern Love, The Nightingales Are Dead (Poems) by J. R. LeMaster

The Pigeons (Story) by Jose Sequeira

Patna Yo No Te Olvido (Poem) by Marco Tulio Del Arca Saravia, Translated by Carroll E. Mace

Perennial Crossing (Poem) by Margaret Whiteneck

Laughing Ladies (Poem) by Lynn Hoggard

The Crop Duster (Fictional Sketch) by Donice Alverson

St. Louis Black (Poem) by Corey Stayton

Lee Meitzen Grue's Goodbye, Silver, Silver Cloud: New Orleans Stories (Review) by Robert E. Skinner


Volume 15, Issue 1

Spring 1995

 A Conversation with Clyde Edgerton About Reading, Writing, and Being "Southern" by Christopher D. Campbell

The Bet (Fiction) by Randall Ivey

Black and White (Poem) by Lenard D. Moore and Jane Reichhold

A Call to Preach: The Spiritual Autobiography of Jarena Lee, African American Evangelist (Essay) by Elvin Holt

The Faithful Men (Poem) by J. X. McCarthy

The Old Boy Who Walked the Road Away (Poem) by Robert Parham

This Street Owes Me Something (Poem) by Kirk Anderson

Old Man Looking at a Highway (Poem) by Steve Yates

Out of Egypt (Fiction) by Rita Pourteau

Sound Is a Circle (Poem) by Millicent C. Borges

Horse Breath Winter (Poem) by Vivian Shipley

Streetcar (Poem) by William S. Maddox

New Orleans Sketches: In Search of A. P. Bedou (Fiction) by John Goldfine

Starving Godward (Poem) by Richard Alan Bunch

The Church of Cyril and Methodius in Burgas (Poem) by Irina Ratmirova and translated from the Russian by Dean Furbish



Volume 15, Issue 2

Fall 1995

from Desire (novel in progress) by Chris Wiltz

A Conversation with Chris Wiltz by Theresa James

Signs from God (Poem) by Kimberly Townsend Palmer

Homage to Max Ernst (Poem) by Richard Lyons

Christianity in the Fiction of Ella D'Arcy (Essay) by Benjamin F. Fisher

Hosanna (Poem) by Tharin Williamson

Luna (Fiction) by Hector Manjarrez, translated by Antonio C. Marquez

A Photographer Takes a Trip to Nicaragua (Poem) by Erskine Peters

Gone (Poem) by Courtney Moore

Rhetoric of Irony and Prejudice in Flannery O'Connor's "A Good

Man Is Hard to Find" (Essay) by Mabel Khawaja

The Waitress (Poem) by Gordon T. Osing

A Blind Man Peels an Orange (Poem) by Elizabeth Scism

Loop (Poem) by Gary Duehr

New Orleans (Poem) by Kerry Poree


Volume 16, Issue 1

Spring 1996

An Interview with Robert Olen Butler by Judith Haydel

Returning the Medal (Poem) by Skip Eisiminger

Narrative Space in Ann Petry's Country Place (Essay) by Hilary Holladay

The Sword Cherry (Poem) by Fileman Waitts

The Contours of African-American Philosophy (Essay) by Jay A.Ciaffa

Blood Knowledge (Poem) by Fernand Roqueplan

Wusman's Soul (Story) by Jeffrey Drazin

Pigeons (Poem) by John Cantey Knight

The Revelation (Story) by Cristina Peri Rossi, Translated by Birgitta Vance

November l st (Poem) by Richard Luftig

Calves in Training (Poem) by Mark Phillips

On the Plains of Volcan (Story) by John R. Hart

The Fine Art of Haunting (Poem) by E.M. Schorb

A Slice of Homemade Bread (Story) by Mary Maxine Conant

She Knows Who She Is (Poem) by Emily Shelton

Ellen Gilchrist's False Eden : The New Orleans Stories of In the Land of Dreamy Dreams (Essay) by Margaret Bauer

Fonville Winnans' Louisiana (Review) by Jackson Hill

The Other Side of Sleep by Maxine Cassin (Review)



Volume 16, Issue 2

Fall 1996

The Grandmother Who Lived With Us (Poem) by Kathleen M. McCann

Shotgun Nocturne for Those Who Left (Poem) by James Nolan

Crab Bait (Fiction) by Corabel Shofner

Only Necessary Baggage: Maya Angelou's Life Journeys (Essay)by Clara Juncker and Edward Sanford

Eclogue IV (Poem) by Jose Antonio Mazzotti, translated by G.J. Racz

You Better Believe We Some Beautiful People (Poem) by Kalamu Ya Salaam

Hector's Hammock (Fiction) by Yale C. Carnevale

The Cross (Poem) by Ken Waldman

Son (Poem) by DC Berry

Hands (Poem) by Charles B. Mann

Inscape by (Poem) Jean-Marc Sens

Observations from the Edge: A View from the Lower 9 and Lessons from Betsy

(Essays) by Elaine K. Green

Train Man (Fiction) by Charles A. Gramlich

A Wilderness (Poem) by Kim Bridgford

Dappled Things (Fiction) by Anne Hillsman Wood and Brian Keesling

Lenard D. Moore 's Desert Storm: A Brief History (Review Essay) by Louis McKee



Volume 17, Issue 1

Spring 1997

The Alembic of Genius: An Interview with Alice Childress by Clayton G. Holloway

Before It's Time (Fiction) by Fabiola Solis de King, translated by Kathy S. Leonard

Epilogue: An Imagined Conversation (Fiction) by Donice Alverson

Getting to Know You, Absence (Poems) by Patricia Donahue

The Politics of Lies in Lillian Hellman's The Children's Hour (Essay) by Clayton J. Delery

Eighteen Full Moons Gone (Prose Poem) by Delfeayo Marsalis

Hyacinth Song, Of Lunar History (Poems) by David Middleton

Mary Rowlandson's Negotiation of the Self (Essay) by Andrea K. Frankwitz

Under Construction, From Here, Raven (Poems) by Elizabeth Wilcox

Winners Go First (Fiction) by Trent Masiki

A Good Bye (Poem) by Michael Molina

Book Reviews by Judith Haydel and Violet Harrington Bryan



Volume 17, Issue 2

Fall 1997

Violins and Other Poems by Pinkie Gordon Lane

Interview with Pinkie Gordon Lane by Violent Harrington Bryan

Cancion de Immagracion (Poem) by Lesle C. Honore

The Director and the Stars (Story) by Patricia Sisca Pace

from Trespassers at Acadia (Poem) by Albert Belisle Davis

Florestine Perrault Collins, 1895-1988, New Orleans Photographer: The Early Years (Essay) by Arthe A. Anthony

Photographs by Florestine Perrault Collins

"This Chicken is Some Kind of Good":The Power of Food in Dori Sanders's Clover (Essay) by Lara Putnam

My Secret Valentine (Poem) by Jeannette Drake

Plain Song (Poem) by William Bedford Clark

The Furies (Story) by Jacinda Townsend

Dismissal (Poem) by Gary Duehr

Subdividing (Poem) by Thomas Kretz

The Family Business (Story) by W. Benjamin Lackey

Review of Ronald Dorris's Race: Jean Toomer's Swan Song by Alvin Aubert



Volume 18, Issue 1

Spring 1998

New Orleans 1878 (Fiction) by Fatima Shaik

Fatima Shaik: An Interview by Diane Simmons

Prospecting (Poem) by Frederick Davis

Two Women (Poem) by Elizabeth Wilcox

Women's Bodies: Brief History (Poem)by Shannon Marquez McGuire

Feed My Sparrows (Fiction) by Elizabeth Howard

The Scent of Oysters (Poem) by Stella Nesanovich

Called to the Beautiful: The Incarmational Art of Flannery O'Connor's The Violent Bear It Away (Essay) by Christina Bieber

Head Count (Poem) by Jon Enfield

Zone 9: Winter Variations (Fiction) by Ruth Moon Kempher

Hurricane Without a Name (Poem) by Valentine Pierce

How Brother Rabbit Saddled the Hyena (Folk Tale with Essay) transcribed and translated by George Reinecke

Daytracking (Poem) by Robert Waters Grey

The Most Elaborate Display (Fiction) by Matt Clark

After Fishing (Poem) by Mary Crow

She Looks So Natural (Fiction) by Darlene Olivo

Love Weft on the Warp of Death: Louis Cartwright's Saint Louis

Book Review by John Gery



Volume 18, Issue 2

Fall 1998

 Night Shift (Story) by Robin Beeman

Sparklers (Story) by Robin Beeman

Robin Beeman: An E-Mail Interview by Nikki Barranger

Mining Alabaster (Poem) by Joy Passanante

Power and Powerlessness: Names in the Fiction of Sandra Cisneros

(Essay) by Rose Marie Cutting

Sometimes It Doesn't Matter What You Think

(Poem) by David Brendan Hopes

White Sugar and Red Clay (Story) by Bev Marshall

What Do Negroes Want (Speech) by Sister M. Thea Bowman, F.S.PA

Crossing Phillips' Pond (Poem) by Brad Bostian

Midway Through a Now Familiar Passage (Poem) by E.A.Hilbert

Eschaton (Poem) by Jim Kacian

Black Haiku Pioneer, Lenard D. Moore (Essay) by Francis W. Alexander

My Brother, My Son (Fiction) by James Cherry



Volume 19, Issue 1

Spring 1999

 A Suite of Poems by Lorenzo Thomas

Three Playlets by Rosary O'Neill

Creo! (Fiction) by S.D. Pomfret

Three Poems by Patricia Ward

"Vain Words": Job, the Father, and Ernest Gaines's "Triads" (Essay) by

James B. Potts, III

Mandela's Message (Poem) by Rozell Caldwell

Kollage (Poem) by Michael Hall

Our Collisions (Poem) by Naton Leslie

Cheerful Subjects (Fiction) by Marjorie Kemper

Voice Among Trees (Poem) by Antonio Ramos Rosa and Translated by Alexis Levitin

Dust to Dust (Fiction) by Sandy Hutson

Questions Asked in Prayer (Poem) by Fredrick Zydek

The Church of St. Sulspicious (Poem) by Allison Fir Jenks

Pavan for a Dead Princess (Poem) by Anne-Marie Brumm

Men on the Moon (Fiction) by Erik Sanzenback

Oldies (Poem) by Claude Wilkinson

Pale Sky Go Away (Poem) by Ken Waldman

Copyright (Poem) by William Aiken

Tears from Heaven (Fiction) by Danielle Alyce Rome

Images of Place in a Hidden Mirror (Review Essay) by Frank de Caro

Stopping the Bad Rap in Women's Negative History (Review Essay)



Volume 19, Issue 2

Fall 1999

 Counterfeiting and a Two Bit Error in Zora Neale Hurston's "The Gilded Six Bits" (Essay) by Norman German

On the Edge of a Clearing (Poem) by Tom Saya

"Our Lives are our line and we go on": Concentric Circles of History in Lucille Clifton's Generations (Essay) by Hilary Holladay

An Explanation (Poem) by Susan Anderson

Miriam Talks Back (Poem) by Bonnie Lyons

Little Zion (Poem) by Kim Roberts

Stelazine and the Mudpies (Fiction) by Jim Meirose

Framed Up (Poem) by Gordon Osing

Voodoo Angel Theme Songs (Poem) by K. Bell and Michelle Pichon

Delta Pyramid:The Levee as Cultural Construct (Essay) by Ronald Dorris

The Burn Victims (Poem) by Jerry McGuire

Some Chalky Evening (Poem) by William Page

Apocalyptic Metaphor and Religious Vision in Robert Lowell's Early Poetry (Essay) by Eric Potter

The Boucherie (Poem) by Vida Henderson

Paper Americana (Fiction) by Louis Gallo

Reflections on "Pilgrimage" (Commencement Address) by C. Howard Nichols

 Map and Marrow in Recent Southern Poetry (Review Essay) by Richard Collins


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