External Public Health Sciences Advisory
Kenneth G. Boutte, Sr., PhD
Interim Chair
Xavier University of Louisiana
Short Biography

Kenneth G. Boutte, Sr., Ph.D. is Professor of Biology and the Associate Dean of Summer Programs and External Initiatives at Xavier University of Louisiana located in New Orleans.  Dr. Boutte received his BS degree cum laude in Biology from Xavier University of Louisiana in May of 1976.  He earned the Ph.D. in Zoology from the University of California, Berkeley in December 1983.  He was the third African American to earn the Ph.D. from Berkeley’s Zoology Department and the first in the area of immunoparasitology.

Dr. Boutte’s research interests involved the host-parasite interface of Taenia crassiceps tapeworms.  Later he worked on gene sequences in Trypanosoma (African Sleeping Sickness) that could serve as targets for chemotherapy.

Dr. Boutte joined the faculty of the Biology Department at Xavier University in August of 1985.  He became an Associate Professor of Biology with tenure in 1991.  In 1995, he became the Chairman of the Biology Department, in July of 1997 he became the Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, in 1998 he attained the rank of Professor of Biology, and in July 2007 he became Dean of Freshman Studies.  In 2010 he was on loan from Xavier to the National Science Foundation (NSF) where he served as a Program Officer for the Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation (LSAMP) program and provided oversight to over $18 million in grant projects.  He returned to Xavier in January 2011.

Dr. Boutte was a Scholar in Residence at New York University in 1991 and 1992.  He has held several appointments, including the New Orleans Mosquito and Termite Control Board, The National Institutes of Health (NIH) BRIDGES Grant Review Panel, the Higher Education Advisory Group for the National Educational Goals panel, the Chancellor’s Council for Tulane University’s School of Medicine, The National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant Review Panel, and the Board of Directors for St. Augustine High School in New Orleans.  He is a 2005 graduate of Harvard University’s Management Development Program.

Dr. Boutte has dedicated his life to the education of under-represented minorities, particularly in the sciences.  He was the founder and director of the Ernest E. Just Pre-Graduate Scholars Program at Xavier which was significant in increasing the number of science and mathematics students who entered graduate school.  He is involved with Xavier’s Pre-Medical Program which has gained national reputation as the leading producer in the nation of African American medical students.  He was also involved in and contributed to Xavier’s Model Institution of Excellence program, a NSF funded program of 12.3 million with a goal of increasing the number of Xavier science, engineering, and mathematics (SEM) students who enter graduate school.  He has served as the PI or Co-PI on several grants.  Dr. Boutte has personally applied and obtained over $150,000 in scholarship money for Xavier students, and has secured more than $4 million in grants for programs involving Xavier students and faculty.

As Dean of Freshman Studies, Dr. Boutte was responsible for the operations of the Office of Academic Enhancement with a mission to improve retention and graduation rates of freshmen and students who are academically at risk.  He has spoken on this topic in several venues.  As Associate Dean of Summer Programs and External Initiatives, Dr. Boutte’s duties include serving as coordinator of summer courses and programs, director of University exchange programs, and coordinator of articulation agreements and partnerships with other institutions.


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