Department of Public Health Sciences
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Course Requirements

Graduation Requirements 120 total semester hours of coursework with a 2.0 cumulative GPA 36 total semester hours of major courses

PHLT 1001------Introduction to Public Health - (3 credit hours)

PHLT 1002------Nutrition and Health - (3 credit hours)

PHLT 2001------Behavioral Theories in Public Health - (3 credit hours)

PHLT 2002------Health Promotion Program Planning & Evaluation - (3 credit hours)

PHLT 2004------Introduction to Environmental Health - (3 credit hours)

PHLT 3001------Introduction to Epidemiology - (3 credit hours)

PHLT 3004------Research Methods - (3 credit hours)

PHLT 4002------Introduction to Global Health - (3 credit hours)

PHLT 4003------Senior Seminar Case Studies

PHLT 4004------Senior Internship - (9 credit hours)

PHLT 4999------Senior Comprehensive Exam

no grade lower than a “C” in major courses completion of an approved minor _(18 hours) _completion of the College of Arts and Sciences core curriculum _(60 hours) _comprehensive examination—70% to pass examination and to be eligible for senior intern 9 hour credit internship

Comprehensive Examination – All public health sciences majors will need to successfully pass a comprehensive examination before registering for their senior internship.

The internship is an intensive interaction with an approved public health site that would allow students an opportunity to apply their public health knowledge, skills and abilities.