Department of Psychology
Our Department and Curriculum

The psychology curriculum, which awards the bachelor of science (B.S.) degree, affords students flexibility, while also complying with guidelines developed by the American Psychological Association. Click here for a list of course offerings.

A special pre-medical program is available for psychology majors who wish to pursue medical or dental school, or who would like to consider graduate school programs in biological psychology or neuroscience. For further information on the premedical programs at Xavier, click here.

Our six faculty work to work personally with their advisees and students to help them find the best path for them. Our faculty also work to involve students in their scholarship activities, providing students with a rich academic experience.

Our Students

Psychology students at Xavier come from diverse backgrounds. Although many of our students are from New Orleans or other parts of Louisiana, we have majors from all over the country, as well as Africa and the Caribbean, and from urban, suburban, and rural backgrounds.

Our majors have a variety of academic and social activities available to them. Thousands of dollars worth of psychology books have been ordered by the Xavier library over the past few years, and new student computer laboratories have been built.

The social and service center of the Psychology Department is the Psychology Club, with Dr. Valentine as advisor. The Psychology Club organizes a number of social events each year, including a Psychology Week every semester, the Psychodrama, the Psychologically Sound forum, and an awards banquet, as well as functions such as bowling and karaoke. The Club is committed to community service. We also have an active chapter of Psi Chi, the national honor society in psychology.

After Graduation

In the Psychology Department, our greatest emphasis is preparing students for graduate, medical, or professional school. In addition, several of our students have attended law school. The present climate is ideal for African American professionals, and there are many opportunities in private counseling, teaching, research, psychological testing, and business. Over the last few years we have placed nearly 100% of those students who wished to attend graduate or professional schools into programs. More than 100 graduate and professional schools visit Xavier's campus every year on recruiting trips, and many of them are looking for students with the kinds of skills that our majors develop. The Psychology Department has also had good success at placing some of our Juniors in summer programs at prestigious universities around the country.

Those students who end their academic careers with the B.S. in psychology do not have as wide a range of possibilities open to them, but there are jobs available in areas such as business, social work, and law enforcement. Several of our graduates who did not attend graduate schools have taken entry level jobs at mental hospitals in the New Orleans area. The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Central Intelligence Agency, as well as a large number of businesses, have made trips to Xavier in recent years seeking recruits.


The Psychology Department at Xavier is a place where students get an excellent education in both basic and applied psychology in an environment where professors care about them. We invite you to contact us if you are interested in our department, or, if you are already a major, keep checking back here for updates!