Chemistry Pre-Pharmacy

Xavier University of Louisiana Prepharmacy Program

The Prepharmacy Office, housed in the College of Arts and Sciences Chemistry Department, is dedicated to bringing students into the learned profession of pharmacy by scheduling courses and monitoring students’ performance in pre-requisite courses required to apply to the College of Pharmacy (COP).  Prepharmacy advisors work closely with students to provide systematic and comprehensive advice and support to Xavier Prepharmacy students throughout enrollment in the Chemistry-Prepharmacy Program.  The two-year curriculum includes a total of 64 credit hours in the areas below:

Chemistry 16 credit hours
Biology 12 credit hours
Mathematics 11 credit hours
Physics 4 credit hours
English 6 credit hours
Public Speaking 3 credit hours
Philosophy 6 credit hours
Theology 3 credit hours
Psychology or Sociology 3 credit hours

Students who are accepted to Xavier in Chemistry-Prepharmacy may be eligible to participate in the XUPharmPrep Program, a summer experience aimed at providing participants with academic preparation for their first year in the Chemistry-Prepharmacy program.  Contact for more information.

Students may also choose to pursue a 4-year degree before applying to a PharmD program at Xavier University of Louisiana or for other Doctor of Pharmacy programs.  More detailed information regarding specific course requirements can be found at

About the College of Pharmacy (COP)

The mission of the Xavier University of Louisiana College of Pharmacy is to prepare pharmacists to impact medically underserved communities, particularly African Americans, in an effort to eliminate health disparities through patient-centered care, community service and scholarly work.

About the Chemistry Department

The Department of Chemistry at Xavier University of Louisiana ( is an interesting and dynamic department with six other major programs in addition to Chemistry-Prepharmacy.  Students in the department have access to free tutoring in several courses, a formal peer mentoring program, and faculty who are dedicated to student success.  Students in the department are also encouraged to become active members in clubs and organizations such as the Prepharmacy Student Association, the ACS Chemistry Club, and the Student National Pharmacy Association.  Many of these organizations also offer peer mentoring for new students.

COP Admissions

High School Students:
The College of Pharmacy also offers direct admission for qualified high school students through the Contingent Admit Program (CAP).  ( )  Eligible CAP students enroll in the College of Arts and Sciences Chemistry-Prepharmacy Program to complete the Pharmacy prerequisite courses prior to entering the College of Pharmacy.

Additional information about the COP admissions process can be found at

Pre-Pharmacy Advisor

Nakia Bodley