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Where to Go for Various Types of Advice or Assistance at Xavier

In the typical American high school, students go to one person (a counselor) for advice regarding scheduling courses, financial aid, information regarding career options, etc. In most American colleges, however, students go to different persons for different types of assistance or advice. The following is a brief overview of the types of "advisors" of most interest to freshmen premedical students at Xavier.

Academic Advisor: Every student at Xavier is assigned an "academic advisor" within his/her major department when he/she enrolls for the first time at Xavier. This individual helps the student schedule courses and monitors his/her progress to make certain that a student is taking courses in the proper sequence and is making progress toward obtaining a degree in that department. In Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology a student's academic advisor is normally assigned the first week of a student's enrollment and kept throughout their years at Xavier.

Premedical Advisor: Xavier's Premedical Advisors provide information about mainline health professions (Medicine, Osteopathic Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Optometry, and Podiatry = "MODVOP") and assist students to prepare for and gain entry into such schools. Note: While students interested in medical school at Xavier major in Biology-Premed, Chemistry-Premed, or Psychology-Premed, they obtain degrees in Biology, Chemistry, or Psychology. Xavier does not award a degree in "premedicine." (It would be worthless anyway since it isn't tied to a discipline).

Financial Aid Counselor: Xavier's Financial Aid Office has a number of individuals who work full-time processing financial aid applications and assisting students to obtain the financial aid needed to complete college. Every student at Xavier who receives financial aid is assigned to one of those counselors. Note: All scholarships at Xavier are awarded by the Vice-President for Academic Affairs. Specifically, XU's Premedical Office has no funds for scholarships.

General Counselor: Xavier's Counseling and Wellness Center provides a variety of support services to students, faculty, and staff. These services include individual and group academic counseling, personal individual counseling, sexual assault and domestic violence, etc.

Other: Students with personal problems, or with problems which seem to be too severe to be handled adequately by any of the above, should contact Campus Ministry or Student Services for assistance.



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