Premedical Office
Xavier University
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Box 120C
New Orleans, LA 70125

Full-Time Staff
Quo Vadis Maria Webster, MA, LPC
Premedical Adviser
(504) - 520-7437
Part-Time Staff
JW Carmichael, Jr.
Director of Premed Program
Professor of Chemistry



Information for High School Students

Organizations for Premeds at Xavier

Documents which ALL high school students considering Premed at XU should read

Special note about early acceptance programs: The four (4) early medical school acceptance programs listed above are not the only such programs that may be available to undergraduate students. For example, the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (New York, NY) offers the FlexMed early assurance program to which eligible undergraduate students may apply in the fall of sophomore year. The University of South Alabama (USA) College of Medicine (Mobile, AL) encourages highly qualified freshman premeds at Xavier to consider the SouthMed Prep Scholars Program for early acceptance; for more info on this program, attend the USA Medical School information session at Xavier during your freshman year. There may be additional early acceptance opportunities at other medical, dental, etc. schools, so take the time NOW to explore programs at schools of interest.


Information for students wishing to visit Xavier's campus.

All campus visits are arranged through Xavier's Admissions Office. Visits arranged through Admissions Office include general information about the University as well as a tour of campus . The contact number for Admissions is 504-520-7388.



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