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Full-Time Staff
Quo Vadis Maria Webster, MA, LPC
Premedical Adviser
(504) - 520-7437
Part-Time Staff
JW Carmichael, Jr.
Director of Premed Program
Professor of Chemistry



Did you know you can get college credit at Xavier BEFORE enrolling at the University? Here are four ways to get such credit.

  1. Bypass credit for high ACT/SAT scores: Students with high ACT/SAT scores can "bypass" one semester of mathematics (precalculus) or English (English 1010) when they enroll at XU. What you to do to get by-pass credit: Nothing except make certain that XU's Admissions Office has a copy of your highest scores. The "Academic Data Sheet" which you will be given at the time you register at XU for the first time lists any bypass credit you have been awarded. Check it to make sure it is okay. NOTE: QUESTIONS ABOUT BYPASS CREDIT SHOULD BE ADDRESSED TO XU'S ADMISSIONS OFFICE, NOT THE PREMED OFFICE!! THE ABOVE IS ALL WE KNOW. WE ARE MERELY REPORTING ON THE UNIVERSITY'S POLICY, NOT MAKING OR IMPLEMENTING IT!!
  2. Credit for college courses you took while in high school: Courses that you took at another college or university may be accepted by Xavier. For your information, such courses do NOT count in your XU GPA. They appear on your transcript with a "TR" (for "Transfer"). What you need to do to get credit for courses taken at another college or university: Send an official copy of your transcipt to Xavier's Admissions Office as soon as possible and follow-up with the Admissions Office regarding the credit transfer.
  3. Credit for Advanced Placement: Students who made a "3" or higher in an AP course while in high school can generally get college credit for that course at Xavier. Note: Although Xavier will accept AP credit in almost any course, medical and dental schools generally will NOT accept credit in lab courses (biology and chemistry). Therefore, you will have to take General Biology and General Chemistry at Xavier even if you have AP credit. What you need to do to get credit for AP courses: Send your AP scores to Admissions as soon as you get them.
  4. Credit by taking CLEP (College Level Examination Program): There is a national program which allows students to obtain college credit by examination. It is called "CLEP" and is administered by colleges and universities all over the country. What you need to do to get credit by CLEP: If you think you could pass the foreign language exam, call the colleges and universities in your area IMMEDIATELY to see who administers the CLEP exams and make arrangements to take it. Send your scores to XU's Admissions Office as soon as you obtain them. You can getmore information on CLEP from the College Board.

Special advice for those who have taken two or more years of a foreign language: If you have had two or more years of a foreign language, we would suggest you consider taking the CLEP exam in that language NOW-before you forget what you learned. If you score high enough, Xavier (and many other colleges) will give you credit for one year of foreign language. If you don't score high enough, there is no penalty. You just have to take a year of language after you enroll at XU.



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