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Quo Vadis Maria Webster, MA, LPC
Premedical Adviser
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JW Carmichael, Jr.
Director of Premed Program
Professor of Chemistry



Information for Students interested in Premedicine Considering Transferring to Xavier

The Premedical Office recommends that students who have earned more than 45 semester hours college credit NOT transfer to the University with the intention of applying to medical school. Why? Because it is unlikely that we can help you obtain your career goal. Specifically, of the last 155 students who transferred to the University for the purpose of applying to medical school only 7 (4.5%) actually gained acceptance into medical school.

>What about persons who already have a college degree? Should they attend Xavier to take basic requirements for application to medical school? We would recommend that they NOT transfer to Xavier because our data indicates that one (1) such student has gained acceptance since 1998. Instead, they should consider one of the special post-baccalaureate programs listed on the AAMC website (www.aamc.org).

Why do transfer students have such a low acceptance rate at Xavier? We do not know for sure, but believe that transferring from school to school (or from major to major) is frequently viewed to indicate that the student does not have the ability to perservere.

In summary, Xavier is #1 nationally in placing African-Americans into medical school because our program does a very good job at assisting students who enter the University as freshmen, not as transfer students.





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