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JW Carmichael, Jr.
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Spring 2016 Workshop Schedule for Xavier's Biomedical Honor Corps (includes ALL Freshman Premeds AND New Transfer Premeds)

(Updated, 11/19/15)

NOTE: Workshop dates/times are subject to change; if you are unable to attend a meeting, please stop by the Premed Office to make it up ASAP (Answer Keys for worksheets are available in the PM Office)!!!

Workshop information sheets should be used to the complete corresponding worksheet(s) for each topic discussed; completed worksheets (or other items) should be submitted to the PM Office for review as instructed.





WORKSHOP DOCUMENTS (submit ALL completed worksheets to Premed Office for review)

January Mon, 1/11/16, 4:15pm OR 5:15pm NCF 105 Meeting #13: Assess Your Progress and Early Medical School Acceptance Programs Info
  Mon, 1/25/16, 4:15pm OR 5:15pm NCF 105 Meeting #14: Sending Evaluations to Summer Programs
February Mon, 2/15/16, 4:15pm OR 5:15pm NCF 105 Meeting #15: Overview of Health Professions School Application Process

Mon, 2/29/16, 4:15pm OR 5:15pm

NCF 105 Meeting #16: Selecting/Paying for Health Professions School
March Mon., 3/14/16, 4:15pm OR 5:15pm NCF 105 Meeting #17: Fall Prescheduling Advice
  Mon., 3/28/16, 4:15pm OR 5:15pm NCF 105 Meeting #18: Summer Plans II

Fall Workshops

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