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Freshman Premed Career Essay/Personal Statement Comment Form

Student's Name __________________________________________________________

Career Essay Comments: Please consider the checklist below and comments/suggestions written on your essay when revising.


___Is it typed in black?

___Is the type size big enough (10 or 12 point font) so the reader doesn't strain his/her eyes?

___Does it fill 80% or more of the space when you use 1" margins (top and bottom) and 1.25"margins (left and right)?

___Is it single-spaced within paragraphs?

___Did you separate paragraphs with a double space (NOT indentations or tabs)?

___When printed, is the type dark enough (i.e. was the ink/toner cartridge new enough) so it isn't hard to read?


___Does it have a good opening paragraph?

___Does it flow well? Remember the essay is your chance to "sell yourself" so don't just put together a set of short, isolated statements that are not cohesive. NOTE: Your essay also should NOT be merely a series of responses to the "Questions to Answer Before Writing Your Essay"!!!

___Does the essay focus on what you have gotten from your experiences instead of just listing what you have done (which you'll include in your HS Info Form and Post-Secondary Experiences Form)? That is, does it focus on the lessons you learned and how work, research, or exposure to the medical professions have helped you to develop so you will be a good physician, dentist, etc.?

___Does it have a good conclusion?

___Did you check for misspellings, grammatical mistakes, typos, etc.?

___Did you get someone else who is good at writing to read it (e.g. XU's Writing Center)?

___Did you meet with the person who critiqued your essay for additional feedback and/or clarification?

REMINDER: The comments provided here represent the opinion of one objective reader. The more people from whom you get feedback as you continually revise your essay throughout enrollment at XU, the better position you'll be in to consider multiple perspectives and develop what YOU believe to be your best personal statement. Bottom line: After considering feedback on content and grammar from objective sources, YOU must decide when your personal statement is good enough to present to summer program and, eventually, medical, dental, etc. school admissions committees.


FOR PREMED USE ONLY: Checked by _______________________________________ Date: ______________

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