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How to Complete Your High School Information Form (Updated 6/10/14)

1) Make sure that the computer you are using to complete the High School Information Form has Microsoft Word (NOTE: The document must be opened and saved in MS Word; no other word processing application will work).

2) Review the SAMPLE High School Information Form so that you can see how your completed form should look.

3) Open the BLANK High School Information Form in MS Word.

4) At the top of the BLANK High School Information Form that you just opened in MS Word, there is a gray HEADER that reads "High School Information for (Insert Your Name)"; double-click on the header and type your full name where indicated, making sure to remove the parentheses.

5) Complete the entire form to the best of your knowledge (don't worry if there are things that you don't remember).

6) Save the completed form onto your personal computer or an external memory device as follows:

  • Select "File" then "Save As" in the MS Word menu bar at the top of the screen.
  • Select the location where MS Word should save the document to (e.g. flash drive, desktop, etc.).
  • Change the document name to LastNameFirstNameHS (for example, if your name is James Doe, your document should be named and saved as DoeJamesHS.doc or DoeJamesHS.docx, depending on the version of MS Word that you are using).
  • Make sure the document "type" or "format" is "Word Document." NOTE: If the extension on the file name is not ".doc" or ".docx", we will NOT be able to open it!!
  • Click "Save" button.

7) Send the completed High School Information Form that you just saved to the Premedical Office at xupremed@yahoo.com as an email attachment. You may also want to "cc" yourself in the email to make sure that the attachment can be opened and read in MS Word (and to have a copy available in your email inbox for future reference).

8) Check your email for a reply from the Premedical Office to see if you SUCCESSFULLY submitted your High School Information Form; once your form is received, it will be placed in your Premedical Office file for future reference.

NOTE: If you have trouble completing the form, please stop by the Premedical Office (NCF 108) early in the fall semester for assistance.






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