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Special Message for New XU Freshmen Enrolled in Biology, Chemistry-Premed, or Psychology-Premed

(Updated 6/2/15)

Welcome to Xavier! We are glad that you have chosen to enroll at the University and hope your doing so will help you achieve your desire of becoming a health professional. Here's our advice for new students. More will come later.

First, although we have been successful in placing African-Americans into medical school for over 10 years, don't think that merely enrolling at Xavier will automatically get you into medical school. Students from Xavier who gained entry into medical school in the past did so because they worked hard to keep their grades up and listened to the advice which was provided as they progressed through the University. If you do the same, then you have an excellent chance of getting into medical school. If not, the mere fact that you have enrolled at Xavier will not help you get in. XU students are not getting in because of who we know or because of affirmative action. They are getting in because they are obviously as qualified as other applicants. If you focus on your career goal and put the time in, you too can become a physician, dentist, or similar health professional. Now is the time to decide whether or not you are willing to do so.

Second, there are a number of meetings scheduled for ALL Freshman Premeds and New Transfer Premeds (a.k.a. Biomedical Honor Corps Freshman Premed Meetings) this fall which you should attend. A tentative list of meetings for the fall will be distributed when you sign-in with the Premed Office during Freshman Orientation/Registration. Go to www.xula.edu/premed and click on "XU Students Interested in Medicine, Dentistry, etc.," then "List of Meetings for Fall Semester" to view the meeting schedule. Please note that the first meeting for the Biomedical Honor Corps (ALL Freshman & New Transfer Premeds) is on Friday, August 21, 2015 at 3:00 pm in NCF 105. Transfer premeds are encouraged to complete Freshman Premed Meetings so that they can become acclimated to premed advising at Xavier.

Yes, we know that late afternoon and evening meetings are not the most convenient for everyone, BUT it is the only time most of you are free. If you are unable to attend a meeting, PLEASE STOP BY THE PREMED OFFICE BEFORE THE NEXT FRESHMAN PREMED MEETING TO MAKE IT UP!!! (Note: We didn't say gaining admission into medical, dental, etc. school was going to be easy–just that it could be done if you want it badly enough.)

Third, you should check the email address that you submitted when you checked-in with the PM Office AT LEAST ONCE A DAY for important messages regarding summer programs, premed advising, and upcoming events. Be sure to add the Premed Office's email address (xupremed@yahoo.com) to your email account "contacts" list to ensure that our messages are NOT being filtered as junk or spam mail. Also, you should pay attention to special signs in and around the Premed Office (NCF 108) and in the elevators in the NCF Science Building and the Science Annex regarding health professions school recruiters, premed meetings, etc.

Fourth, as new freshmen you should DEFINITELY plan on utilizing University's Resource Centers for assistance with General Biology, General Chemistry, Math, and other areas. More information regarding the various Resource Centers may be obtained by visiting the Student Academic Success Office (SASO) website http://www.xula.edu/saso/index.php .

Fifth, you should DEFINITELY plan on talking with some of the more than twenty-five (25) medical, dental, etc. schools expected to send recruiters to campus this year. A schedule of upcoming visitors is posted on the window outside of the Premedical Office, and recruitment visit signs are posted (a week or so before the visit) on the large moveable bulletin board which is located directly in front of the entrance to the old portion of the NCF Science Building (as well as in elevators located in NCF). You should talk with as many of them as possible to find out what their schools have to offer. Please note that it is okay to talk with them a little while and then to quietly leave (after excusing yourself).

AGAIN, WELCOME TO XAVIER!!! And remember, the Biomedical Honor Corps Orientation for All Freshman & New Transfer Premeds will be held on Friday, 8/21/15, 3:00 pm in NCF 105.

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