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Description of the Xavier-University of Rochester Medical School Early Assurance Program (Updated 12/12/16)

For perspective on the University of Rochester Medical School, check out this video which features Dr. Steve Morgan, Jr. and Chante' Calais Morgan, both Xavier graduates who enrolled at the University of Rochester through the Early Assurance Program.

What are the qualifications to apply to the program? By the time they are nominated in May, following the completion of the Spring semester of Sophomore year at Xavier, students must have...

  • Entered Xavier as a first-time freshman and major in any academic discipline within the College of Arts and Sciences.
  • Completed at least 60 semester hours of courses at Xavier.
  • Completed the following courses: General Biology (1230/1230LB and 1240/1240LB), General Chemistry (1010/1010DR/1011LB and 1020/1020DR/1021LB), Organic Chemistry (2210/2210DR/2230LB and 2220/2220DR/2240LB), Two semesters of Mathematics (e.g. 1020, 1030, and 1070; bypassed courses accepted), and Two semesters of English (e.g. 1000/1010 and 1020; bypassed courses accepted).
  • Earned a cumulative overall GPA at Xavier of 3.5 or higher.
  • Demonstrated a genuine interest in becoming a physician by gaining relevant experience in a patient-care setting (e.g. volunteering, paid employment, internship, shadowing, etc.) and/or participating in a premed summer enrichment or research program.
  • Demonstrated a genuine interest in medicine as indicated by participation in the group and individual meetings conducted by the Premedical Office for freshman and sophomore students, including submission of personal statement and post-secondary experiences form to the Premed Office for review throughout enrollment.
  • Demonstrated a genuine interest in attending U of Rochester School of Medicine as indicated by meeting the above mentioned requirements and attending any on-campus information or recruitment sessions offered by U of Rochester School of Medicine.

How does an XU student apply for the program? Students interested in the program and who meet the qualifications listed above must do the following during their SOPHOMORE year:

  • Submit Personal Statement and Post-Secondary Experiences Form to the Premed Office for review and revise and submit as needed throughout the fall and spring semesters (remember, these items will be submitted to MEDICAL SCHOOL ADMISSIONS COMMITTEES so they need to be in the best shape possible);
  • Collect letters of evaluation specific to medical school from three (3) faculty members (2 BCPM, 1 non-science BCPM) and request to have them submitted to the Premedical Office by April 15th; be sure to follow-up with faculty who agreed to write medical school evaluations on your behalf;
  • Stop by the Premed Office when instructed to do so in January to sign-up for and complete the One-on-One Sophomore Assessment Meeting, during which time you'll be given more specific early acceptance application instructions and a sample application;
  • After your PS and PSE Form have been critiqued and revised several times, complete a draft Early Acceptance Application and XU Coursework 4-Year Plan. Submit the draft application, coursework plan, PS (in MS Word) and PSE Form (in MS Word) to xupremed@yahoo.com for critique by the Premed Office NO LATER THAN March 15th. NOTE: the critique/revision process for the full draft application should continue through April 30th);
  • As soon as you complete your final exams for the Spring semester, go to XU's Registrar's Office and request that an official transcript be sent to the Premedical Office; be sure to check "Hold for Final Grades" on the request form IF your final grades have not been posted at the time that you submit your request;
  • If you enrolled at any other college or university, you should have an official transcript from each sent to the Premedical Office by March 15th; and
  • Submit your FINAL signed application to the PM Office in-person, by mail, or by email NO LATER THAN May 15th; also, make sure ALL evaluations and transcripts are filed in the PM Office by May 15th.

What happens to applications after they are submitted to the Premed Office? In May, the Premed Office will review all applications and then choose qualified students to submit the Rochester-specific online application directly to the Early Assurance Program for consideration. It is IMPERATIVE that the email address you check DAILY is on file in the Premed Office since EAP online application instructions will be forwarded by the Premed Office to selected students by email.

After carefully working on and submitting the online application, applicants are notified by EAP administrators of their application status by the beginning of junior year. Subsequently, applicants who are granted interviews at Rochester will be notified of the status of their applications by the U of Rochester Medical School Early Assurance Program Office once decisions are made after the interview period.

What do students do after acceptance into the program? Students accepted into the program do NOT have to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) but do have to complete their Junior and Senior years at Xavier and complete/submit the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) application during the summer between Junior and Senior years per the instructions given by U of Rochester Medical School upon acceptance. Accepted EAP applicants are considered "committed" to U of Rochester Medical School; should an accepted student apply elsewhere, then he/she will forfeit the acceptance to U of Rochester Medical School. The University of Rochester School of Medicine will send students an OFFICIAL letter confirming that they have been accepted by October 31 (provided the AMCAS application and any supplemental materials are submitted in a timely fashion). NOTE: Students accepted into the EAP will forfeit acceptance into the University of Rochester Medical School if they apply to any other medical schools!!!




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