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Follow-Up After Interviews and Acceptances (updated 12/19/16) 

This document was prepared to provide guidance in communicating with persons or schools with whom students applying to medical or dental school have contact.

What to Do After Interviews, Acceptances, etc.

You should be business-like, efficient, and mannerly in all communication regarding the application process. Specifically, you should:

  • Write a thank you note indicating your appreciation of the interview, your interest in the school, and your willingness to provide more information if necessary after an interview; generally, you can send this to each school's Office of Admissions. If you have the names of your interviewers, you may send thank you notes to them as well. Go to https://students-residents.aamc.org/applying-medical-school/article/preparing-medical-school-interviews/for more insight on following-up after interviews.
  • Write a thank you note to anyone you stayed with, who picked you up at the airport, etc. during your interview.
  • Once you are accepted, write a thank you note to each person who submitted medical, dental, etc. school letters of evaluation on your behalf and other who may have encouraged or helped you along the way. Be sure to tell them which schools you have been accepted into.
  • Make certain that you follow each school's procedure for accepting or rejecting an acceptance offer. If you turn down an offer, be very nice in doing so.
  • If you decide NOT to follow through with the application process for a specific school, please follow the school's procedure for withdrawing your application. Don't just leave the schools "hanging."
  • Keep the Premedical Office informed of your acceptances so that your accomplishments can be included on our website and in the display case on the 1st floor of the NCF Science Building.

Don't Hold Multiple Acceptances for a Prolonged Period of Time!!

It would be nice if all of your acceptances would appear at the same time so you could pick and choose from them like picking food from a smorgasbord. However, it is extremely unlikely that this will occur. Instead, acceptances are likely to appear over a period of time.. As a result, you will (of course) immediately accept the first offer after which you will be faced with choosing "school A" or "school B" then "school B" or "school C", etc. a number of times. The AAMC provides insight on this matter in Application and Acceptance Protocols for Applicants. You should not attempt to delay the process of deciding which school you will attend until you receive ALL of your acceptances for a number of reasons:

  • First, if a minority student holds multiple acceptances, it may hurt the chances of other minority students who are seeking admission. For example, at most schools there is a group of individuals who are actively working to get minority students accepted. If they indiscriminately recommend all minority students who apply, no one listens to them. Therefore, those who work for minority admissions generally try to select applicants who are both qualified and are likely to choose to attend the school if accepted. If you are one of those elected and get accepted, it isn't fair to keep the people at the medical, dental, etc. schools who are pushing for minority acceptances thinking you are holding only one acceptance when they have been working for you. Further, if you keep them holding longer than necessary, it limits their ability to look for a minority replacement.
  • Second, if you hold multiple acceptances, it may hurt XU's reputation and thus makes it more difficult for Xavier students to get accepted in the future. As you might expect, folks at the medical, dental, etc. schools who worked to get you in will understand if you choose to go elsewhere, but will be very upset if you are dishonest and cause them to jeopardize their ability to gain acceptance for minority students. As a result, they are less likely to accept XU students in the future. Therefore, you should deal with professional schools in a straightforward, honest manner for the sake of other Xavier students who hope to get accepted in the future.
  • Third, holding multiple acceptances may hurt you in the future. There are few enough medical, dental, etc. schools in the country such that bad news can travel quickly from one school to the next. Therefore, it is very likely that any problems you cause will be known by people at many schools. Further, they are likely to remember it when they meet you in the future. Since the latter would limit your career, you should avoid anything which gives you a bad reputation in the medical or dental communities.
  • Fourth, holding multiple acceptances can cause you to be dropped from the acceptance list of all schools. This is possible because the AAMC, AACOM, and the ADEA send the schools lists of who has been accepted--along with who is holding multiple acceptances. When the schools note multiple acceptances, they may assume you are going somewhere else and immediately notify you that you have been dropped from their prospective class.

Please note that "I'm waiting until I know about financial aid" or "I haven't made up my mind yet" are definitely not acceptable excuses for holding multiple acceptances to multiple schools for a prolonged period of time. You can't wait until you know about financial aid because you probably won't know the specifics about financial aid until July or August. You have to assume that the $$ to pay will be there from somewhere as indicated in #13 in this series (Paying for Medical/Dental School). Further, "I haven't made up my mind yet" isn't acceptable because you have been going through the application process for six months or more--plenty of time to have thought about the schools and to have arrived at some relative ranking in terms of where you would prefer to go.



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