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Minority Enrollments in Medical, Dental, etc. School

This document is intended to provide information to minority students at Xavier applying to medical or dental school. When considering minority enrollment you should pay careful note to the groups included in the term "minority" because the term is now frequently includes more groups than the traditional defintion of "minority underrepresented in the health professions as identified by the AAMC" which are Black Americans, Native Americans (including Alaskans), Mexican Americans, and Mainland Puerto Ricans. Further, if possible, you should

  • There are two reasons why a minority student should be interested in the enrollment of minorities at medical schools to which he/she applies. First, the number of minority students at a school provides a relatively good idea of the number of persons from whom you might get peer support if you enrolled at that school. The availability of peer support is important since studies show that a good peer support system increases the chance of finishing medical or dental school. This means that if you go to a school with few minority students, you will have to learn to work the with majority students quickly. If you have no previous experience in doing so, you probably don't want to learn while under the pressures of medical/dental school. Second, the percentage of minority students at a school (when adjusted for location of the school and what is meant by "minority" as indicated above), probably provides a fairly accurate measure of how committed a school is to minority students--that is, how much they really want you.
  • In interpreting minority enrollment statistics, you should remember that "minority" probably means mostly "Hispanic" in the Southwest (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California) and "Black American" everywhere else in the U.S. except NYC where it probably also includes Caribbean Islanders. In addition, you should note that a low percentage of minority students at the University of Vermont (a school located in a state with very low minority population) is probably less significant in terms of interpreting how committed a school is to minorities than a low enrollment in a city such as Atlanta or New Orleans where there are large minority populations.
  • Information regarding minority enrollment at the medical and dental schools in the United States are provided in Medical School Admissions Requirements and Dental School Admissions Requirements. Those publications generally provide breakdowns by race/ethnicity. We strongly suggest you look at the data when choosing a medical, dental, etc. school.


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