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Special Advice for Students from CA, LA, MS, and TX (updated 12/22/16) 

This document has two supplements: Schools To Which XU Students Should Apply Based on State of Residence and Selecting the Schools to Which You Apply.

This handout is intended to assist students from Xavier University choose the medical, dental, etc. schools to which they will apply.

The Premedical Office encourages students applying to medical school (allopathic and osteropathic) to apply to at least 10 schools (unless you are from CA, in which case you should apply to at least 12). Students applying to dental, veterinary, optometry, podiatry, and other types of health professions schools are encouraged to apply to at least 5 schools.

If you are applying to schools in California: It is especially difficult to get into California schools because the state has one of the highest ratios of applicants to positions available. Therefore, for all practical purposes, all medical schools in California should be treated as "Big Name" schools in terms of the kinds of grades and MCAT scores you need to get admitted. As a result, California residents should consider a) applying to at least twelve schools and b) applying to schools outside of California.

If you are from Louisiana: You should DEFINITELY apply to LSU-Shreveport (in addition to LSU-N.O.)!!!! Why? Because it is getting more and more difficult to get into medical school and LSU-N.O. now accepts a certain number of students who are non-Louisiana residents. Be sure to speak with recruitment representatives from both schools when they visit Xavier and try to attend special "premed" events conducted at both schools.

If you are from Mississippi: From our point of view, the University of Mississippi Medical School seems to be an excellent choice for Mississippi residents. A number of XU students have enrolled and done well there. However, the number of good premeds from Mississippi at XU is now so large that it is unlikely that all will get into the U of Mississippi Medical School. Therefore, Mississippi residents should make certain that they apply to other schools in the region who might give them special consideration such as U South Alabama (if you are from the Gulf Coast), U of Tennessee-Memphis, and UAB (if you have good grades and good MCAT scores). If you really want to go to the U of Mississippi, we would strongly suggest you participate in their summer program and speak with recruitment representatives when they visit Xavier.

If you are from Texas: Don't forget that most of the schools in Texas do not participate in AMCAS but rather in their own centralized service for medical and dental schools. Additional information about the Texas Medical/Dental School Application Service and the schools it serves is available at http://www.utsystem.edu/tmdsas. We advise you to use the web-based application and to submit your application by June 1 because Texas schools generally interview VERY early (starting in September). The web-based application is usually available beginning May 1.




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