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Sending Transcripts to Health Professions Schools

This document contains data relevant to Xavier students alone and should not be made available to persons who do not attend the University.

The following provides additional information about transcripts for medical, dental, etc. school, when to send them, etc.

Can transcripts for medical, dental, etc. school be mailed before applications? Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! Transcripts must come directly from the registrar of the school where credit was earned and should be mailed BEFORE your application is submitted.

When should a student request a transcript to be sent for medical school? As soon as the AMCAS, AADSAS, etc. application becomes available on-line (usually on or around May 1st), you should begin working on the online application. NOTE: In order to print off the required "Transcript Matching Form"or similar document which must accompany your official transcripts to AMCAS, AADSAS, etc., you will probably be required to complete the first few sections of the application. You will NOT be allowed to access and print the "Transcript Matching Form" or similar document without completing the required sections first.

  • Transcripts from schools other than XU: As soon as applications become available on-line, you should complete the appropriate sections and print off the "Transcript Matching Form" or similar document. Official transcripts must be sent to AMCAS, AADSAS, etc. from any college or university that you enrolled at. (Note: Schools are prohibited by law from sending out grades earned at another institution. Therefore, even though XU accepted courses from somewhere else toward you degree, the University cannot send out a copy of your grades from other schools. You'll have to check with the individual schools to find out cost of getting a transcript sent and the procedures for doing so.).
  • Transcripts from XU: As soon as applications become available on-line, you should complete the appropriate sections and print off the "Transcript Matching Form" or similar document. You must submit the form to XUs Registrar and complete the process for having your transcript sent to AMCAS, AADSAS, etc. Make sure you indicate on XUs Transcript form to "Hold for Final Grades" if your request is being submitted BEFORE the end of the Spring semester.

Where are transcripts for most medical, dental, etc. schools sent? If you are applying to health professions schools that participate in centralized application services, then you will probably be instructed to send your official transcript directly to the application service. If you apply to a school which does not participate in an application service, you should consult the school to see were the transcript should be sent. You should also have an unofficial copy of your transcript mailed to you so that you can double check course order and grades when you complete the AMCAS, AADSAS, etc.. Note: It is usually cheaper to send the same transcript to a number of places at one time than to send it at different times.

Is there anything special one has to do when sending a transcript to AMCAS, AADSAS, etc.? Yes!! There is a special "Transcript Matching Form" for AMCAS (and likely a similar document for other applications) which you should give the registrar at the time you request a transcript be sent. The form is to be included with the transcript and makes it easier for AMCAS, AADSAS, etc. to match transcripts and applications. In order to access the special form, you must begin working on your AMCAS, AADSAS, etc. application.

Does one have to send transcripts for credits earned in a summer program? If you enrolled in a course while in a summer program, you should have a transcript at the school and must a) list the courses on your application and b) send an official transcript even if you do not use the courses to graduate from Xavier!! If you do not, and the medical schools find out, they will dismiss you for dishonesty---even if you are only one day away from graduating!!











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