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What Xavier students interested in medicine, dentistry, etc.* should do


(Two years before they hope to enter such a school)

(updated 8/20/12)

 *MODVOP = Medicine (M.D.), Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.), Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Optometry, and Podiatry. These are the fields for which Xavier's Premedical Office provides advice and assistance.

Things you should already have done:

  • Turned in a completed copy of your "High School Info Form". The form can be downloaded from the Premed website.
  • Updated your Post-Secondary Experiences Form and submitted it for critique to xupremed@yahoo.com. You may download the Sample Post-Secondary Experiences Form to use as a guide (do NOT copy the entries from the sample).
  • Prepared a good Personal Statement/Career Essay which was revised as many times as needed after being critiqued by the Premedical Office at xupremed@yahoo.com.
  • Decided which review course you will utilize for MCAT, DAT, etc. preparation (REMINDER: Students are encouraged to take the MCAT for the first---and we hope ONLY time---in May.

Things to do on a regular basis throughout the semester:

  • During the first week of the semester, print off your Bannerweb transcript and use it to complete the GPA Worksheet. Be sure to refer to the Assessment Overview before completing your GPA Worksheet. See SAMPLE GPA Worksheet A and SAMPLE GPA Worksheet B for reference. The "Assessing Chances" document is available only in the Premed Office and provides some guidance in determining your progress.
  • STUDY FOR THE MCAT, DAT, etc. so that you'll be prepared to take in MAY.
  • Attend all meetings for Juniors Premeds.
  • Check your e-mail frequently.
  • Keep your grades up.
  • Think about applying to a summer program which provides exposure to the health professions or research experience.

JANUARY-APRIL (Study for the MCAT, DAT, or similar admissions test)

  • If you are taking the MCAT, you are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to enroll in a review course such as Kaplan Review (local office 504-866-TEST) or Princeton Review (local office 1-800-2REVIEW x1400) IN JANUARY OR EARLIER.
  • Attend all of the Review classes and spend an additional 10+ hours/week studying outside of class.
  • Keep your grades up.

MARCH (Meet with Premed Adviser to choose school and with Premed Worker to choose experiences to include in "Post-Secondary Experiences")

  • In the second week of March, meet with a Premedical Adviser on an individual basis so the two of you can jointly choose the schools to which you will apply. The following is an outline of the meeting...
    • Things to do AT LEAST A DAY BEFORE the meeting:
      1. Print (or pick-up) a copy of our general advice "Selecting Schools" and its supplements from the Premed website.
      2. If you are applying to medical school, prepare a tentative list of 10 schools to which you will apply. If you are applying to any other type of health profession school (e.g. dental, podiatry, etc. school), review reference materials in the Premed Office and/or research the individual schools on-line, etc. and pick at least three schools that you will apply to.
      3. Print (or pick-up) a copy of Questionnaire #1 for Schools Meeting Form , complete it, and bring to the interview.
      4. Print (or pick-up) a copy of Questionnaire #2 for Schools Meeting Form , complete it, and bring to the interview.
      5. Bring the items above with you at your scheduled time to the interview.
    • Things you will do DURING the meeting:
      1. Discuss your responses to the completed Questionnaire #1 for Schools Meeting Form .
      2. Obtain Premed's comments about the schools to which you intend to apply.
      3. Make modifications in your list if necessary and complete Questionnaire #2 for Schools Meeting Form. Keep the latter document so you can use it when you actually apply.
  • IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE JUNIOR PREMED SCHOOL SELECTION MEETING: Review the Junior Premed To Do List that was discussed during the meeting to make sure you stay on track with junior year application tasks!
  • In the last week of March, begin thinking about which 15 entries on your Post-Secondary Experiences Form should be put into the "Work and Activities" section of the AMCAS form (for medical school) or similar forms for other schools.
    • Print a copy of your Post-Secondary Experiences Form on which you can write.
    • Choose the 15 items you think would be most important to include on your application. Please note that you should generally give preference to items which extend over longer periods of time or concern NON-ACADEMIC activities.
    • Keep the list available so that you'll have it when you begin working on your Medical, Dental, etc. school application in MAY.

Take the MCAT or DAT in April (before finals) or in May (immediately after finals) . Check at www.aamc.org to see deadlines for registering for the MCAT or www.ada.org to obtain information about taking the DAT.



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