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What Xavier students interested in medicine, dentistry, etc.* should do


(updated 6/23/14)

Things you should already have done during your Freshman Year:

  • Completed ALL Freshman Premed Workshops. NOTE: If you need to make-up any meetings from Freshman year, feel free to attend the scheduled meetings for current freshman premeds OR stop by the PM Office to pick-up workshop materials.
  • Downloaded a copy of the "High School Info Form" from the Premed website, completed the form, submitted it to the Premed Office, and kept a copy on your computer so you can print a copy if needed.
  • Downloaded a copy of XU's Post-Secondary Experiences Form form, completed it, had it critiqued by personnel in the Premedical Office, and kept a copy on your computer so you can update it as you progress through the University. You may download the Sample Post-Secondary Experiences Form to use as a guide (do NOT copy the entries from the sample).
  • Prepared a copy of your "Career Essay" (aka "Personal Statement"), had it critiqued by personnel in the Premed Office, and kept a copy on your computer so you can update it as you progress through the University. Info available at App07: A Guide for Writing an AMCAS/AADSAS Essay.
  • OPTIONAL, BUT BEST DO DO AT LEAST ONE SUMMER YOU ARE AT XAVIER: Attend a summer program which provides exposure to medical fields, academic enrichment, or research.

What to do in the fall:

By October 1st you should:
By October 15th you should:
  • Check email daily for summer enrichment or research program information forwarded by the Premed Office. Additionally, the PM Office will send a comprehensive list of programs that students can research further. If there are programs that you know about and would like to share with other premeds at XU, please let us know!!
  • Visit www.aamc.org and www.smdep.org for a listing of summer opportunities for undergraduates who are interested in medicine.
  • Contact medical, dental, etc. schools that you might be interested in attending to inquire about any summer programs that might be available.
  • Search the internet for summer enrichment and research opportunities
By November 15th you should:
  • Ask three faculty (2 science, 1 non-science) members at XU who've taught you (AND whose classes you made no less than a B) if they would be willing to write summer program recs on your behalf. Additional detail provided at "Directions for Collecting/Sending Evaluations."

*MODVOP = Medicine (M.D.), Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.), Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Optometry, and Podiatry. These are the fields for which Xavier's Premedical Office provides advice and assistance.



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