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Timetable for What Premed/Predent Students Should Do and When It Should Be Done

Xavier has been successful in helping students to prepare competitive applications for medical, dental, and other health professions schools because we start preparing students the first week they arrive at the University and continue detailed and structured advising throughout enrollment.

The good thing about this approach is that it works!! (Xavier has been a leader nationally in placing African-Americans into medical school since the early 1990's.)

The bad thing is that there is ALWAYS something which students who want to go to medical, dental, etc. school should be doing.

The following are links to detailed lists of what students at Xavier who wish to enter medical, dental, etc. school should do each year while at the University. These lists are organized for students who enter as freshmen and graduate from the University in four years. The Premedical Office advises students based on when they hope to enter medical, dental, etc. school. Therefore, it is IMPERATIVE that students who are preparing for admission into health professions schools keep their email addresses updated in the Premedical Office and inform us of changes to application year or career goal.

  • Freshman Year
  • Sophomore Year
  • Junior Year (Starting 24 months BEFORE you wish to enter medical, dental, etc. school)
  • Senior Year (Starting 12 months BEFORE you wish to enter medical, dental, etc. school)
    • Fall Term = Send in secondary applications as soon as they arrive, take interviews as soon as they are offered, and keep your grades up; if you haven't received any interview offers, begin exploring post-baccalaureate programs, other health professions schools, etc. just in case. Be sure to complete the One-on-One Senior Assessment Meeting in the PM Office in October to discuss your application progress and potential post-XU plans.
    • Spring Term = If you have been accepted, RELAX but don't forget that your acceptance letter was probably based on you successfully complete your coursework at Xavier. If you haven't been accepted, keep on checking with the schools to see what you status is and determine those areas of your application that need to be strengthened for reapplication (and how you will go about preparing for reapplication).
    • Summer = If you have been accepted, relax while getting ready for the fall because this is the last break you will have for a while (NOTE: If the school you will be attending offers a "pre-matriculation program," we do encourage your participation! If you haven't been accepted, decide whether or not you will reapply*. If so, assess your situation to see why you didn't get accepted and make corrections before reapplying.

*Students who plan on reapplying are encouraged to inform the Premedical Office of this intent no later than May when centralized applications for many health professions schools open. By doing so, students may take advantage of Premedical Office services, even after graduation from Xavier.




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