Premedical Office
Xavier University
1 Drexel Drive
Box 120C
New Orleans, LA 70125

Full-Time Staff
Quo Vadis Maria Webster, MA, LPC
Premedical Adviser
(504) - 520-7437
Part-Time Staff
JW Carmichael, Jr.
Director of Premed Program
Professor of Chemistry



Hotels near Xavier

Xavier is about 10 minutes away from the 20,000+ hotel rooms in the French Quarter/Central Business District/SuperDome area of New Orleans. Therefore, even though most of the hotels in that area are expensive ($100 or more a day), we suggest that you choose a hotel there because that area is generally safe and there are numerous restaurants/night spots within walking distance.

Additional information about New Orleans and Xavier is available at http://www.xula.edu/about-xavier/visitor.php .


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