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Announcing XU's 2006-2007 Howard Hughes Minigrants to Improve Math or Science Courses (Updated October, 2006)

Purpose of the mini-grants: To make it possible for mathematics and science teachers in metropolitan New Orleans to improve their courses thereby increasing the number of females or underrepresented minorities (identified by the Association of American Medical Colleges to be African-Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, and Mainland Puerto Ricans) who obtain careers in the biomedical sciences.

What is the deadline for submitting proposals? Deadline for the next cycle is January 15, 2007 (NOTE: Proposals must be postmarked by January 15, 2007). Awards will be announced by February 1, 2007.

Who is eligible to apply for a mini-grant? Anyone who teaches mathematics or science full-time in grades 7-12 in one of the six high schools in Orleans Parish which have traditionally sent the largest number of students to the Xaiver--Karr High, McDonogh #35 High, McMain High, St. Augustine High, St. Mary's Academy, and Xavier Prep. What is the maximum amount of a grant? The maximum amount awarded will be $2,000. The number of awards made will depend on the size of the awards. However, it is anticipated that from five to ten will be awarded this year.

For what may mini-grants be used? Anything which improves the level of mathematics or science education received by underrepresented minorities or female students in metropolitan New Orleans but priority will be given to projects with long-term impact. For example, grants might be used to attend workshops to learn new content or teaching techniques, to purchase small pieces of equipment and reference materials, to conduct motivational activities for students, etc. An "underrepresented minority" is defined by both the Association of American Medical Colleges and the granting agency to be an individual of African-American, Hispanic, Native Puerto Rican, or Native American descent.

Who will judge the merit of proposals? Proposals will be evaluated independently by mathematics and science faculty from both Xavier and local junior and senior schools. Evaluation will be based on a) potential for increasing the number of underrepresented minorities in the biomedical sciences, b) educational soundness of the proposed project, c) potential for long-term impact, and d) appropriateness of budget.

What obligations does a teacher who receives a mini-grant incur? Each teacher who receives a mini-grant will be expected to a) complete the activities as outlined in his/her proposal, b) submit a short (two-page) report describing outcome of the project within 3 months of its completion, and c) share his/her experiences by making a short (10-20 minute) presentation at a workshop the year following the completion of the project.

How may a teacher apply for a mini-grant? Submit one copy of a short (7 page maximum) description of the proposed project including the following IN THE ORDER INDICATED AND CLEARLY LABELED:

  • Cover sheet including
    • Short Descriptive Title of the Project
    • Name of the school
    • Address of the school
    • The signature of the teacher submitting the proposal
    • The e-mail address of the teacher submitting the proposal
    • A work telephone number, a home telephone number, and the best time of day to contact the teacher at work if the awards committee has questions
    • The signature of the principal of the school indicating that he/she supports the proposed project
  • A brief overview of the school at which the person submitting the grant teaches including (at least)...
    • The number of students enrolled at the school
    • The number (or percentage) of African-Americans, Hispanics, Mainland Puerto Ricans, or Native Americans enrolled in the school
    • The number (or percentage) of females enrolled in the school
  • A short, concise statement of the overall purpose of the proposed project
  • A list of the items for which funds are requested with short justifications for each item (if needed)
  • A description of how the items purchased will be used to accomplish the purpose of the project
  • A concise statement regarding the number of underrepresented minority (African-American, Hispanic, Mainland Puerto Rican, or Native American) or female students anticipated to benefit from the project within one year of its completion
  • A statement regarding the long-term impact of the project.
  • A detailed list of items to be purchased from each supplier (SEPARATELY) in the following format:
    • Quantity
    • Catalog Number
    • Description
    • Unit Price
    • Extended Price
    • Taxes (if any)
    • Shipping (if any)
    • Total Requested
    • Printed Name and FULL Address of Vendor
  • A curriculum vitae (or resume) of the person submitting the proposal including (but not limited to) a list of the courses taught by the person submitting this proposal during the year in which the proposal is submitted for funding.

Where should proposals be sent? Proposals should be mailed to: "Premedical Office, Xavier University, 1 Drexel Drive, New Orleans, LA 70125". Questions should be directed to: Ms. Quo Vadis Maria Webster, MA, LPC, (504)520-7437 or xupremed@yahoo.com.

Acknowledgment: XU's Howard Hughes Minigrant Program is funded by a grant to the University from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.



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