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Physics is the study of the physical world. If you wonder about the nature of the world, if you like solving problems, then you should seriously consider majoring in physics. A physics degree will help you maximize your career options. From oceanography to meteorology, from biophysics to management, the physics student will learn skills transferable to various professions.
Coursework is directed to give students a strong foundation in the fundamentals of physics with a three-pronged series of general physics. Establishment of the fundamentals in this series leads to success in upper level courses, which concentrate on specific areas of physics. Physics graduates continue on to successfully pursue Masters and Doctorates in the various fields of Physics.
Course Requirements:


Engineering is the application of mathematics and science to develop useful products or processes. In other words, engineering is turning ideas into reality. It is a unique and highly selective profession, but the benefits and rewards are endless. Some of these include challenging work, financial security, social impact, intellectual development and prestige.
The five-year dual-degree engineering program combines a liberal arts education with an engineering education in a unique learning experience. Students spend their first three years enrolled at Xavier and their last two years at an engineering school of their choice. At the engineering school, students may enroll in one of several areas of engineering, such as biomedical, chemical, civil, computer, electrical, environmental, industrial, mechanical, nuclear, or textile engineering. The Department of Physics & Dual Degree Engineering has established articulation agreements with at least nine engineering schools to date.
Course Requirements:

  • Physics/Civil Engineering
  • Physics/Electrical Engineering
  • Physics/Environmental Engineering
  • Physics/Mechanical Engineering
  • Physics/Biomedical Engineering
  • Biology/Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemistry/Chemical Engineering
  • Computer Science/Computer Engineering

Department Of Physics & Dual Degree Engineering Program