Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Funding Resources

Xavier University’s Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) maintains a variety of resources to assist faculty and staff with identifying funding for research/scholarship, educational, and service activities. Whether you are new to Xavier or an experienced grantseeker, you should familiarize yourself with ORSP resources that can assist you in obtaining external funding.

While the ORSP lists are extensive, they are by no means complete. ORSP continually looks for new funding sources. If you are aware of some resources that we do not have listed, please contact Rachel Thomas, Assistant Vice President of Research and Sponsored Programs/Director of Title III.

Searchable Databases

  • Community of Science (COS)
    COS is a comprehensive resource for funding information across all disciplines, not only scientific. COS contains a searchable database of current funding opportunities, including advanced tools to perform specific searches and to automatically receive periodic alerts about new opportunities of interest.

    Faculty can create a COS Profile™ that facilitates online information and expertise sharing. COS also allows users to identify experts at other universities, agencies, and organizations, and to promote their own work.

    ORSP recommends that COS be the first resource consulted when searching for outside funding.
  • Sponsored Programs Information Network (SPIN)
    InfoEd’s SPIN contains a search engine and tracks the funding programs (e.g. research grants; fellowships; publication support; sabbatical support; curriculum development; etc.) of over 6,000 government, private, and non-profit funding sources worldwide.

  • is a source for identifying and applying for federal government grants. It contains information on over 1,000 grant programs and provides access to approximately $500 billion in annual awards.

Office of Research & Sponsored Programs