The goal of the Strengthening Historically Black Colleges and Universities Act: Title III is to assist institutions with fund development activities that will help the University better fulfill its mission. The Title III program allows the University to direct resources to important faculty, curriculum, student and administrative developmental needs that may be otherwise delayed or neglected. The University's priority is to plan, implement and evaluate activities that meet these needs to insure that they indeed strengthen the institution and can therefore become institutionalized as part of its overall function. The University's contract with the U.S. Department of Education is to manage the funds and report the results. A monitoring/tracking system is required to address the priority of the University and to meet the requirements of the U.S. Department of Education need to justify the expenditure and to allow for the continuation of the funds. This specific process is known as project management.

Effective program management depends on the successful development, implementation and evaluation of the Title III activity. The project management program uses forms to document the activity's plan of action, its implementation and chart accomplishments.

The activity's defined plan gives the activity director an instrument for sequencing project events, tracking resources, and assessing attainment levels. Additionally, comprehensive project documentation provides concrete information by which the Activity Director can determine the impact of internal and external factors on the planning, management, and evaluation phases of the Title III grant activity.

Forms are provided to establish an effective system for monitoring/tracking budget expenditures, assessing of project activities, maintaining accurate records, files, and evaluates project impact to the University. The document process also maintains open lines of communication between the activity, the Title III office and the University. The information in this manual is intended to assist the Activity Director.

The Xavier University of Louisiana Title III office provides administrative guidance to assist with project management. Technical assistance primarily through forms and directions, enable the Activity Director to organize and execute the day-to-day responsibilities more effectively. Recognizing that there is a direct relationship between how an Activity Director organizes, structures management responsibilities, and implement tasks, facilitated the development of this Title III Policy and Procedures Manual.