Pre-Award Clearance and Approval

For additional information, contact Ann Smith, Assistant Vice President for Research and Sponsored Programs ( or Leigh A. Mogilles, Coordinator of Research and Sponsored Programs (

I. Clearance Process: Whenever a faculty or staff member submits a proposal, he/she must go through the University'Äôs clearance process. NOTE: Failure to do this can result in withdrawal of the proposal.

  1. Complete New Proposal Clearance Form
  2. Send to Ann Smith (ORSP) electronically or deliver physically 14 days prior to Final Proposal being routed at XU:
    1. Draft Budget
      1. Download budget template form from ORSP website (;
      2. Complete draft budget and budget justification;
      3. Complete conflict of interest form for all personnel;
      4. Contact Ann Smith or Leigh A. Mogilles, if assistance is needed.
    2. Include with form and draft budget a one page (or less) abstract:
      1. Describing purpose of proposal;
      2. Describing objectives;
      3. Describing contribution to XU'Äôs mission and goals.
    3. Provide web address where Request For Proposal (RFP) can be located.
  3. Office of Research and Sponsored Programs will electronically send clearance documents to the following:
    1. Division Chair
    2. Department Head
    3. Academic Dean
    4. Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
    5. Senior Vice President for Administration
    6. Vice President for Fiscal Services
    7. Vice President for Institutional Advancement
    8. Vice President for Technology Administration
    9. Vice President of Office of Planning and Institutional Research
    10. Manager of Grants and Contracts
  4. Concerns regarding clearance documents by above listed individuals should be expressed to Principal Investigator with a cc to Ann Smith within one week of receipt of clearance document. If PI is not contacted by any of the above-listed individuals, he/she can assume proposal development may advance.

II. Proposal Routing Routing

  1. Final proposals should be routed at least five business days in advance of the proposal due date. Upon securing approval from the department head and the division chair, the proposal (even if some corrections still need to be made) should be submitted to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, Leigh Mogilles, ORSP will obtain all remaining signatures required for proposal submission.
  2. A Final Routing From, signed by the PI, along with the final proposal, budget, budget justification, conflict of interest form, and current and pending support form should be routed through and signed/approved by:
    1. The PI'Äôs department head or division Chair, who is responsible for carefully reviewing the details and substance;
    2. Her/His Dean;
    3. Others, namely -
      1. Additional faculty members receiving salary on project and department heads and division chairs of these faculty members.
      2. Required Compliance Certification Approval (RSC, IBC, IRB and IACUC), if applicable.
  3. The Final Proposal Routing Form with all corrections, budget, and signatures should be delivered to ORSP with:
    1. Original and one copy of final proposal;
    2. Cover page for proposal.

III. Proposal Approval

  1. ORSP Staff will review and obtain final signatures from the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and the authorized Institutional Representative.
  2. Once signed, the original proposal, with attachments, will be returned to PI.
  3. Proposal will be uploaded for electronic submission by the PI, who should inform Ann Smith or Leigh A. Mogilles when completed. If assistance is needed, contact Ann Smith or Leigh Mogilles.
  4. Proposals to be submitted via are to be placed on a flash drive and delivered to ORSP one day before the due date.

IV. Sponsoring Agency Notification: If proposal is awarded, PI should follow Post-Award Instructions (