Sponsored Programs

About the Office of Sponsored Programs

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) at Xavier University of Louisiana is a division within the Office of Resource Development that assists faculty and staff in obtaining external grants and contracts. We offer assistance in a variety of ways, from identifying a potential source of funding to reviewing the terms and conditions of awards made to the institution.

I.  Pre-Award Activities:  For additional information concerning Pre-Award Activities, Grant Opportunities, and Proposal Development, contact Ann Smith, Director of Sponsored Programs Administration.

  1. Information and Communication
    1. Disseminates Information to external agencies
      1. Re: institution's research-related capabilities
      2. Re: faculty research/scholarly, educational and service interests
    2. Searches for grant opportunities and distributes to faculty
    3. Interprets policies/procedures of governmental funding agencies
    4. Presents workshops for faculty and staff
  2. Proposal Development
    1. Assists in obtaining appropriate guidelines and forms
    2. Assists faculty and staff with developing proposal texts & budgets
    3. Provides institutional data for inclusion in proposals, as needed

II. Administration of Xavier’s Clearance Procedures:  For additional information concerning Proposal Clearance, Pre-Approval, and Post-Award Activities, contact Ann Smith, Director of Sponsored Programs Administration and/or Leigh A. Mogilles, Coordinator of Sponsored Programs and/or Meka Francis, Program Assistant of Sponsored Programs.

  1. Manages Clearance Process
  2. Reviews all proposals for compliance with university policy
  3. Transmits  proposals to external agencies

III.  Post-Award Activities

  1. Informs Principal Investigators
    1. Terms of awards
    2. Conditions of awards
  2.  Coordinates with Office of Grants and Contracts
    1. Sets up grant accounts
    2. Obtains account numbers
  3. Negotiates and Prepares Subcontracts
    1. From University Awards to Other Institutions
    2. From Other Organizations to the University
  4. Coordinates Submission of Final Report
  5. Manages Research Compliance Committees
    1. Drafts, interprets and implements University policies related to grants and contracts
    2. Coordinates the administration of University compliance with regulatory    
      issues (misconduct in research, conflict of interest, intellectual property)
    3. Coordinates the institutional review of and compliance with regulations of research (See COMPLIANCE) involving hazardous materials, human or animal subject.
    4. Assists in matters relating to inventions and copyright
    5. CITI Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative
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