Intellectual Property Disclosure Procedures

For additional information, contact Ann Smith, Director of Sponsored Programs Administration.


  • Inventor completes an invention disclosure form
  • The form is routed to the Office of Sponsored Programs for review
  • The Senior Vice President of Resource Development determines whether or not the invention warrants further assessment
  • If it is determined further assessment is not warranted, Xavier will relinquish it rights to the invention
  • If further assessment is warranted, the disclosure is electronically submitted to Foresight Science Technology for a go/no go assessment of the invention
  • Foresight communicates with the inventor and prepares a go/no go assessment/recommendation of the invention
  • A meeting is held with the inventor(s) to discuss the assessment
  • A decision is made as to whether or not a patent application is to be filed
  • An assignment agreement is signed by the inventor to surrender his/her entire right, title and interest in the invention
  • A patent attorney is selected to work with the inventor to prepare the patent application
  • The patent application is filed in the US Patent and Trademark Office
  • One year after the file date of the US patent, the inventor, along with the Sr. Vice President of Resource Development, determines if a patent application should be filed in other countries

Marketing/Commercialization of Intellectual Property

It is the policy of the University to encourage the development and marketing of Intellectual Property, resulting from University research so as to benefit the public.  After submitting a patent application, faculty work with Xavier’s Technology Transfer Office and/or external Technology Transfer firms, to market and commercialize the Intellectual Property.  Appropriate companies will be contacted to assess their interest in obtaining a license to the patent. When an appropriate commercial partner is identified by the Technology Transfer Office, a license agreement will be negotiated and executed.  For more information, please contact Rachel Cruthirds, Assistant Vice President for Resource Development.

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