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Assessment Goals

Assessment Process

1 Develop Assessment Plan

Determine what the desired outcomes are and what measurements will be used to determine if your unit is meeting those outcomes. Be sure to choose measurements that will provide a continuous stream of data from year to year. Each program should have 2-4 desired outcomes, and at least 2 means of assessment per outcome. Set your expected criterion at an achievable but ambitious level. Use baseline data if available. (An assessment plan template is available on the Training Materials page).

2 Report Assessment Results

Report as soon as possible. Long delays in reporting can lead to loss of information or documentation. Determine whether the criterion has been met, not met, or unknown. Describe results using same language used in criterion statements. (A data collection template is available on the Training Materials page).

3 Document Results

Documentation may include, but is not limited to: grade sheets, exam copies, sample research papers, surveys, flyers, sign-in logs, and/or email communications. When choosing how to document your assessment results, remember that your goal is to prove that there is good assessment going on in your department. Student and staff names can be removed from documents to protect confidentiality. In cases where the documentation cannot be attached for confidentiality reasons, please note this on your assessment submission. Be aware that you will be expected to keep unattached documents in the office for the entire 10-year SACS cycle.

4 Describe Actions Taken

Once results are reported, determine what actions need to be taken to ensure continued success, and describe these actions as precisely as possible. Provide implementation timelines.

5 Follow-up Actions Taken

By describing:

  1. If the planned actions actually took place
  2. How the actions are (or are not) affecting short-term change.
  3. How these actions will help the department in the long-term.

6 Revise Assessment Plan

Not getting useful information? Want to add a new measurement for your outcomes? All units will have the opportunity to submit a new assessment plan to the university every three years. In the interim, minor changes to the current plan can be made with the approval of the Associate Division Chair and the Director of Assessment.

Assessment Schedule


Assessment Units

Associate Dean Dr. Kim Vaz kvaz@xula.edu
Associate Division Chair Dr. Faye Grimsley fgrimsle@xula.edu
Biology Dr. Joseph Ross jross@xula.edu
Public Health Dr. Faye Grimsley fgrimsle@xula.edu
Associate Division Chair Dr. James Bartkus jbartkus@xula.edu
Associate Division Chair Dr. Douglas Athey  dathey@xula.edu
Associate Division Chair Dr. Paul Schafer pschafer@xula.edu
Art Ms. MaPo Kinnard mkinnord@xula.edu
Art Mr. Ron Bechet rbechet@xula.edu
English Dr. Jay Todd Jtodd1@xula.edu
History Dr. Shamsul Huda shuda@xula.edu
Languages Dr. Susan Spillman sspillma@xula.edu
Music Sr. Julianna Haynes jhaynes@xula.edu
Philosophy Dr. Paul Schafer pschafer@xula.edu
Theology Sr. Mary Ann Stachow mstachow@xula.edu
Associate Division Chair Dr. Anderson Sunda Meya asundame@xula.edu
Chemistry Dr. Teresa Birdwhistell tbirdwhi@xula.edu
Computer Science Dr. Andrea Edwards aedwards@xula.edu
Mathematics Dr. Carroll Diaz cdiaz@xula.edu
Physics Dr. James Rantschler jrantsch@xula.edu
Associate Division Chair Dr. Elliot Hammer ehammer@xula.edu
Communication - Communication Studies Dr. Dominique Gendrin dgendrin@xula.edu
Communication - Mass Communications Dr. Dominique Gendrin dgendrin@xula.edu
Communication - Speech Pathology Dr. Nancy Martino nmartino@xula.edu
Political Science Dr. Megan Osterbur mosterbu@xula.edu
Psychology Dr. Jeremy Cohen jcohen@xula.edu
Sociology Dr. Amy Bellone-Hite abellone@xula.edu
Dean Dr. Kathleen Kennedy kkenned1@xula.edu
Institutional Advancement Dr. Kenneth St. Charles kstcharl@xula.edu
Planning, Institutional Research and Assessment Dr. Ron Durnford rdurnfor@xula.edu
Planning, Institutional Research and Assessment Dr. Danielle Duffourc dduffour@xula.edu
Resource Development - Sponsored Programs Ms. Rachel Cruthirds rcruthir@xula.edu
Admissions Mr. Winston Brown wbrown@xula.edu
Admissions Ms. Sondra Reine sreine@xula.edu
Black Catholic Studies (Grad) Fr. Maurice Nutt mnutt@xula.edu
Campus Ministry Ms. Lisa Lewis-McClain lmcclain@xula.edu
Campus Ministry Sr. Monica Loughlin mloughli@xula.edu
Career Services Ms. Carolyn Thomas cathomas@xula.edu
Career Services Ms. Marian Minnard mminnard@xula.edu
Center for the Advancement of Teaching Dr. Elizabeth Yost-Hammer eyhammer@xula.edu
Center for Intercultural & International Programs Mr. Torian Lee tllee@xula.edu
Center for Intercultural & International Programs Ms. Karen Lee kwlee@xula.edu
Center for Undergraduate Research Dr. Gary Donaldson gdonalds@xula.edu
Graduate Placement Ms. Tracie Thomas tlthomas@xula.edu
Library Dr. Lynette Ralph lralph@xula.edu
Registrar Ms. Avis Stuard astuard@xula.edu
Student Academic Success Office - SASO Dr. Vaneshette Henderson vthender@xula.edu
Auxiliary Services Mr. William Jeffrion wjeffrio@xula.edu
Auxiliary Services Ms. Wanda Parker-Doss wdoss@xula.edu
Facilities Planning and Management Mr. Marion Bracy mbracy@xula.edu
Facilities Planning and Management Ms. Ireon Jackson ijackso1@xula.edu
Financial Aid Ms. Emily London-Jones ejones@xula.edu
Financial Aid Ms. Katrina Crawford kcrawfor@xula.edu
Fiscal Services - Business Accounts Ms. Ultra Fredericks ubarthol@xula.edu
Fiscal Services - Student Accounts Ms. Trenice Davis-Pickney tcdavis@xula.edu
Human Resources Mr. Larry Calvin lcalvin@xula.edu
Human Resources Ms. Erin Harris-Williams echarris@xula.edu
Internal Auditor Mr. William Bostick wbostick@xula.edu
Technology Administration Ms. Melva Williams mewillia@xula.edu
Technology Administration Ms. Hope Hayes hhayes@xula.edu
Athletics and Recreational Sports Mr. Silas Steele sasteele@xula.edu
Athletics and Recreational Sports Mr. Dannton Jackson djackson@xula.edu
Campus Activities Ms. Amber Davis-Prince adavispr@xula.edu
Center for Student Leadership Ms. Typhanie Jasper-Butler ttjasper@xula.edu
Counseling and Wellness Ms. Eloise Dixon edixon@xula.edu
Disability Services Ms. Sheila August slaugust@xula.edu
Housing and Residence Life Ms. Judy Bracy jbracy@xula.edu
Student Governance & Community Standards Mr. Deon Ridgell dridgell@xula.edu
Student Health Services Ms. Virginia Pellerin vpelleri@xula.edu
University Center Mr. Daryl Keller dkeller@xula.edu
University Center Ms. Nekita Bannister nbannist@xula.edu
University Police Chief Duane Carkum dcarkum@xula.edu

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