What You Need:
- Driver's License
- Proof of Insurance
- Vehicle Registration
- XU Parking Registration Form
- Receipt for Payment $50 (or pay by CC/X-Card)
A parking permit is required for all faculty, staff, and students to park in any campus parking lot.

Parking decals can be purchased at the cashier's office on the third floor of the Xavier South Building. Bring your receipt, along with your driver's license, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration to the XULA Campus Police Office on the corner of So. Carrollton Ave. and St. Katharine Drexel Drive to receive a decal. Decals may also be purchased at the XULA Campus Police Office using a credit card or x-card.

The cost is $50.

If you park on University property without a decal or park in an area that is not designated for you, you will be ticketed and booted. Tickets are $25 and up, boots are $50, NO EXCEPTIONS.

For more info on parking or parking decals,  contact XUPD at  520-7490.