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Jackson Douglas

I come from Germantown, Maryland which is 30 minutes from DC.

I felt the math department here would be a good fit as well as me changing future plans towards a medical track.

My major is math because I feel it is one of my passions, and a subject pure enough for me to have options for graduate school.

I am on the St. Mike's hall council and Xavier Golden Cross Soccer Club Team.

I plan to become an international business attorney.


Hakeem Frank

I was born in Mexico City, Mexico and moved to California when I was five years old. I grew up in Crestline, California and attended the New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School when I was sixteen. I came to Xavier because it was familiar to me; I wanted to study somewhere that I already felt comfortable in.

I am a Mathematics major with an Accounting minor; I began as a Finance major but quickly learned that studying mathematics appealed more to me because there is a lot of beauty in it.

Currently, I conduct research at Tulane University on computational fluid dynamics as a MARC scholar, and I am the operations director for Agrowtopia, an urban farm on Xavier’s campus. Additionally, I tutor Precalculus and Calculus in the Math Resource Center, and I am a Supplemental Instructor for Calculus II. When I graduate, I plan on pursuing my Ph.D in Applied Mathematics, and working as an operations research analyst in industry.

Linda Nguyen

I was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, but I have been living in New Orleans for over four years now. I graduated from Riverdale High School. I am a math education major because I love math and have always dreamed of becoming a teacher.

I decided to go to Xavier University of Louisiana because of  the small student-teacher ratio. Another reason why I chose Xavier is because it is a Catholic university.

My future plans are to graduate Xavier and go to graduate school for a year to get my masters in math education. I am currently a first grade religion teacher at St. Joseph Mission Church in Algiers


Tierra Thomas

I love numbers, problem solving and logical reasoning; math was always my favorite subject in high school.

Discrete Structures was my favorite math class because it was the first class I took that we used more words than numbers and that was fascinating to me.

Since I have a wide interest my future plans are still undecided but they range from becoming a financial analyst or a senior policy analyst (examining the impact of inequality on education & crime). 

Activities/Accomplishments: HBCU-Up  Scholar, Math Department Scholarship Recipient, Math Alliance Scholar, Math Club Treasure(2014-2015), Peer Dean Association, STEMnola, NSBE

Hobbies: Yoga, volunteering with children, reading, exploring New Orleans


Destiny Vincent

I've always been a part of the Xavier community. I've been a Xavierite in training since a little girl. I have numerous family members that work here. I've done all of the summer science programs (math start, bio star, etc).. The environment is small and filled with ambitious students. Perfect fit for me.

I actually applied to Xavier as a biology major and realized the summer before I enrolled that I didn't like science. Considering my love for problem solving along with my mathematical skills, I decided to major in something that I really love and didn't mind spending hours studying. Majoring in math gives you a skill that other majors don't have; that of critical thinking and problem solving. I chose something I love, stuck with it, excelled in it, and now opportunities that I never thought possible are arising. 

My favorite class is differential equations; loved it so much that I was curious to find out more. I chose this as a current research topic.

Future plans: I plan to graduate from Xavier in May 2017. Fall 2017 I plan to enroll in a phd program where I will be conducting research in applied mathematics and computational sciences in industry. 

Deja Washington

My name is Deja Washington; I am from Gary, Indiana. I am a Mathematics Major, Biology Minor graduating in December/Fall of 2017. During my years at Xavier, I have maintained being on the Dean’s List, and got involved with the MARC program, where I conduct applied mathematics research. I also love to mentor others. I currently serve as a math mentor for underclassmen and in the summers I would mentor at-risk youth in my community back at home. Being involved on campus helps me become well versed for life after Xavier, and so, I am currently serving as the Assistant Student Director of the Peer Dean Association, and will be the Student Director for the 2016-2017 school year. Upon graduation, I aspire to use mathematics in the public health sector, so I will pursue my doctorate in Biostatistics.


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