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David Anderson 504-520-5307
Area of interest:  Applied Statistics.
Selected Publications:
R. Hafen, D. Anderson, W. Cleveland, R. Maciejewski, D. Ebert, A. Abusalah, M. Yakout, M. Ouzzani, S. Grannis. Syndromic Surveillance: STL for Modeling, Visualizing, and Monitoring Disease Counts. BioMed Central Medical Informatics and Decision Making. 21 April 2009.
K. Chrishon, D. Anderson, G. Arora, and T. Bailey.  Race and Psychiatric Diagnostic Patterns: Understanding the Influence of Hospital Characteristics in the National Hospital Discharge Survey.  Journal of the National Medical Association. 2012.
Russ, AL, Anderson DE, McGill JJ, Haberstroh KM, and Rundell AE.  “Investigating Ischemia’s Proliferative and Morphological Effects: Analyzing the Roles of Hypoxia, Hypercapnia, and Glucose Deprivation”, Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering, 3(2):171-186, 2010.
W. Edwards, D. Pringle, T. Palfrey, and D. Anderson.  Effects of Chromium Picolinate Supplementation on Body Composition in In-Season Division I Intercollegiate Female Swimmers.  Medicina Sportiva. Volume 16 (3).  Pages 99-103.  2012.
H.Winzeller, P. Owens, B.Joern, J. Camberato, B. Lee, D. Anderson, D. Smith. Potassium Fertility and Terrain Attributes in a Fragiudalf Drainage Catena. Soil Science Society of America Journal. Volume 72, Number 5, September–October 2008.
Degree:  Ph. D., Statistics, Purdue University, 8-08.
Gurdial Arora 504-520-5312
Area of Interest: Information Theory, Coding Theory, Image Segmentation, Fibonacci Numbers, Statistical Data Analysis
Selected Publications:
Bounds on distortion due to error for rates below and above the channel capacity, Information and Control, Volume 26, 1974, 272-279 (jointly with Bhu Dev Sharma)
Unidirectional byte error detecting codes for computer memory systems, IEEE  Transactions on Computers, 1990 (jointly with L. Dunning and M. Varanasi)
Arora, Gurdial and DeVault R. C. and Kocic, V. (1997) Global behavior of solutions of xn+1 =a xn+f(xn, xn-1) (1997) Journal of Difference Equations and Its Applications, .
Uncertainty for Rough Sets and Rough Relational Databases, to appear as a chapter in the book entitled, “Fuzzy Sets, Rough Sets and Decision Making Processes” published by Springer-Verlag, 2000.
Single and double length error detecting decimal codes jointly with Larry Dunning, paper presented by Larry Dunning at International Symposium on Information Theory, Lausanne, Switzerland, June 30-35, 2002. Extended abstract appeared in the proceedings of the conference.
(jointly with P. Sahoo) A thresholding method based on two-dimensional Renyi’s entropy , Pattern Recognition, 2004,
Global behavior of solutions of non-autonomous delay logistic difference equations (jointly with V. Kocic and Donna Stutson), appeared in Journal of Difference Equations and Applications, 2004
(jointly with P. Sahoo) Image thresholding using two dimensional Tsallis-Havrda-Charvat-Daroczy entropy, , Pattern Recognition Letters,  an international journal, Volume 27, Number 6, 520-528, 2006
Assessment of Multivariate Regression Model to Predict Impaired Penile Hemodynamics Mechanisms of Erectile Dysfunction, jointly with S. Sikka et al, April 2008, New Mexico (Poster presentation)
Multivariate Regression Model to validate penile hemodynamics in diabetic men with erectile dysfunction jointly with Suresh Sikka,  Tumulesh Solanky, and Wayne Hellstorn, poster presented at SMSNA Annual Meeting,Ontario,Canada,10/16/2008-10/19/2008
Mathematical validation of Duplex Doppler Ultra Sound data to predict penile Hemodynamics in men with  erectile dysfunction, Journal Andrology 34th Annual Meeting, Philadephia, PA; Abstract #72, page 56, April 4-7, 2009
K. Chrishon, D. Anderson, G. Arora, and T. Bailey.  Race and Psychiatric Diagnostic Patterns: Understanding the Influence of Hospital Characteristics in the National Hospital Discharge Survey.  Journal of the National Medical Association.  To appear.
Degree Received: Ph.D Mathematics, 1976, Delhi University, Delhi, India
Valerio De Angelis
Areas of interest:  Combinatorics, Number Theory, Asymptotic Expansions and Dynamical Systems.
Degree: PhD, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, in 1992.
Stephanie Baxter 504-520-7496
Stephanie Baxter Degree: Master of Education in Secondary Mathematics, Southern Arkansas University, Magnolia, AR
Area of interest:Mathematical Pedagogy, Cognitively Guided Instruction in Mathematics, Curriculum Design
Carroll Diaz 504-520-7467
Area of interest: Biostatistical Theory and Applications
Selected publications:
LaRochelle, J., Diaz, C. Evaluation of Pediatric Pharmacotherapy Education in a College of Pharmacy. Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning 2011
Degree received, date, and school: Ph.D. in Biometry, 1998. Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center
Lester Bill Jones
Degree: Ph.D. (Topological Algebra) Tulane University, 1980
Selected Publications:
Lester W. Jones, JW Carmichael, Jr., John P. Sevenair, and Jacqueline T. Hunter.  "Predictors of First-Year College Mathematics Grades for Black Americans," ERIC #ED277302 (1987).
Jacqueline T. Hunter, Lester W. Jones, Harold A. Vincent, and JW Carmichael, Jr.  "Project SOAR:  Teaching Cognitive Skills in a Pre-College Program," The Journal of Learning Skills, 1, No. 2., pp. 24-26 (1982).
JW Carmichael, Jr., Jacqueline T. Hunter, Johnette Hassell, Lester W. Jones, Mary A. Ryan, and Harold A. Vincent.  "Project SOAR (Stress On Analytical Reasoning),"  The American Biology Teacher, 42, No. 3., pp. 169-73  (1980).
Arthur Whimbey, JW Carmichael, Jr., Lester W. Jones, Jacqueline T. Hunter, and Harold A. Vincent.  "Teaching Critical Reading and Analytical Reasoning in Project SOAR,"  The Journal of Reading, 24, No. 1, pp. 5-9 (1980).
Andrew Klimas 504-520-7472
Andrew KlimasArea of interest: Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory
Selected publications:
The Expanded Siler Lattice, with R. T. Potter and R. D. Hill, PanAmerican Mathematical Journal, Vol. 19, Number 3, July 2009.
Argument-Image Commuting Maps: Four Perspectives, with D. H. Carson and R. D. Hill, PanAmerican Mathematical Journal, Vol. 20, Number 4, October 2010.
On the Inverses of Generalized Kronecker Sums, with D. L. Muench and R. D. Hill, PanAmerican Mathematical Journal, Vol. 21, Number 4, October 2011.
On the Completely Positive and Positive Semidenite-Preserving Cones|Part III, with R. D. Hill, ISRN Algebra, Vol. 2012, Article ID 704960, 6 pages, 2012. doi:10.5402/2012/704960.
Degree: Doctor of Arts in Mathematics, August 2010, Idaho State University
Caitlin Klimas 504-520-7415
Andrew KlimasArea of interest: Differential Equations, Analysis
Selected publications:
Oscillation and Integral Norms of Coefficients in Second-Order Differential Equations, with Dennis Stowe, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, Volume 425, May 2015.
Vlajko L Kocic
Degree: Ph.D., University of Belgrade, 1981
Selected Publications: None provided
Thomas C Palfrey
“The Galois Number,” published in Mathematische Annalen, Number 309, 1997
“Density Theorems for Reciprocity Equivalences,” published in Annales Mathematicae Silesianae, Volume 12, Dec. 1998
“Effects of Chromium Picolinate Supplementation on Body Composition in In-Season Division I Intercollegiate Female Swimmers” published in Medicina Sportiva, Med Sport 16 (3): 99-103, 2012
Areas of Interest: Algebraic Number Theory and Exercise Physiology
Degree Ph.D. (Math/Algebraic Number Theory) Louisiana State University Aug., 1989
Donna Stutson 504-520-5308
Degree: PH.D. in Applied Mathematics from University of Southwestern Louisiana (currently known as University of Louisiana at Lafayette) in 1995.
Selected Publications:
1. “A Representative Solution is obtained for the One Dimensional Caputo Fractional Reaction Diffusion Equation,” with A. S. Vatsala, Proceedings of Dynamic Systems and Applications 6 (2012) 409-410.
2. “Generalized Monotone Method for Fractional Reaction Diffusion Equations” with A. S. Vatsala, Communications in Applied Analysis 16 (2012), no. 2,159-168.
3. “Generalized Monotone Method for Caputo Fractional Differential Systems via Coupled Lower and Upper Solutions” with A.S. Vatsala, Dynamic Systems and Applications 20 (2011) 495-504.
4. “Global Behavior of Solutions of a Nonautonomous Delay Logistic Difference Equation” with V. Kocic, Journal of Difference Equations and Applications Vol. 10, No. 13-15, November-December 2004, pp. 1267-1279.
5. “Global Behavior of Solutions of a Nonlinear Second-Order Difference Equation” with V. Kocic, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 246, 608-626(2000).
Sindhu S. Unnithan
Area of interest:   Ring Theory, Module Theory, Fibonacci Numbers, Number Theory
Selected publications:
"Rho-Rational Extensions of Modules" in the Journal of Ramanujan Mathematical Society (1995)
"A Sequence Constructed from Fibonacci Numbers" with Dr. Aihua Li in the Journal of Fibonacci  Numbers, 2002  
Degree:  Ph.D in Math, August 1991, Tulane University
Patrick Vernon 504-520-5305

Areas of interest: Topology, continuum theory, dynamical systems
Recent publications:
"Inverse limits of set-valued functions indexed by the integers",Topology and its Applications, 2014.
Concerning Preservation of Indecomposability upon Taking a Preimage Under z ↦ zn, Topology Proceedings 31 No. 1 (2007), pp. 331-348
Concerning Preservation of Chainability upon Taking a Preimage Under z↦z2, Topology and its Applications Volume 158, Issue 1, 1 January 2011, Pages 52–59
Degree: PhD, Tulane University, 2007     


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