Join us for the  24th Annual National Conference

The Xavier University of Louisiana Community is delighted to host the 24th Annual National Conference of the Lilly Fellows Program in Humanities and the Arts. Please accept this letter as our invitation to you and to all the Lilly Fellows Program National Representatives to join us on September 26-28, 2014.  Our program will include exciting intellectual presentations by nationally renowned authors; an artistic performance that explores the 1960s summer Freedom Rides which, incidentally, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this summer; and the South African-based R5 Art Exhibition.   This conference will give all of us the opportunity for engaging dialogue.

The twenty-fourth Annual National Conference, A Future City, A New Creation: Equal on All Sides? centers on the powerful meaning of the apocalyptic in various religious traditions. The apocalyptic here refers to the beyond, the yet to come but already present experience of the earth transformed. Among other things, the conference will serve to communicate a vision of hope in the midst of worldwide urban crises. it seeks insights into the significance of the city in the  apocalyptic tradition: a future city made new, and also to stimulate discussion on ways in which universities, with faith missions and visions, are committed to the virtues necessary to sustain free and open conversation. The city, unequal in its present form implores deeper understanding, broadening dimensions, and creative visions that portray a hope at the center of “a creation groaning to be released from corruption and to share in the glorious freedom of the children of God. (Romans 8, 21)

To facilitate the goals of the Conference, we chose the speakers, performers, and artists for their accomplishments in the arenas of academia, scholarship, and artistic expression. In their presentations, they may not give absolute solutions to the issues raised by the Conference themes but they will offer questions on specific contemporary issues embedded in the theme.  The presenters have a depth of understanding of the social, environmental, and challenges that face urban dwellers. Their presentations will enrich us, and thus our institutions.

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