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            Library Tutorials

                Below you will find a collection of videos to assist in the use of Library Databases and other online resources.

                 Ebsco Database Tutorials

                 Gale - Cengage Learning Database Tutorials

                 IDIS Database Tutorials

                 Naxos Music Database Tutorials

                 Proquest Database Tutorials

                 Visual DX Database Tutorials

            Database Tutorials - Ebsco Resources

                Using EDS (Ebsco Discovery Service)

                Ebsco Basic Searching

                Ebsco Advanced Searching

                Ebsco eBooks Searching

                Ebsco eBooks Downloading

            Database Tutorials - Gale/Cengage Resources

                Using Gale Virtual Reference Library - The Basics

                Using Gale Virtual Reference Library - Browsing & Searching

                Using Gale Virtual Reference Library - Listening to Your Articles

                Using Gale Virtual Reference Library - Downloading a PDF to Your eReader

                Using Gale Virtual Reference Library - Conducting Complex Searches

            Database Tutorials - IDIS 4.0 Drug Database

                Using IDIS

            Database Tutorials - Naxos Music

                Naxos Music iPhone app

                Naxos Sheet Music Library Overview

                Playlist Modification Naxos Music Library

            Database Tutorials - Proquest Resources

                Proquest Basic Search

                Proquest Advanced Search

                Proquest Look up Citation

            Database Tutorials - Visual DX Database

                VisualDx: How it Works

                VisualDx Mobile

                Overview: What is in VisualDx

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