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            Instructional Media Services Technology-Enhanced Instruction Classrooms

                Instructional Media Services has three "Technology-Enhanced Instruction" classrooms for faculty use. The links below will show you each room
                along with it's dimensions and set up. A list of the equipment available for use with these rooms is listed below. Check the Calendar for availability.

                All requests for Instructional Media Classrooms are made through the campus-wide EMS system





            Classroom support capabilities include:

                • Video Cassette Recorder (VCR)
                • DVD Player (Digital Versatile Disc)
                • Overhead Projector (OHP)
                • LCD (computer) Projector
                • Laptop Computer (PC)
                • 35mm Slide Projector
                • Opaque Projection for print documents
                • Document Camera
                • Compact Disc (CD) Players

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